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Jigglypuff (プリン, Purin) is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. It is notable for its similar appearance and nature to Kirby, and the fact that they share a lot of moves makes them semi-clones.

Jigglypuff is currently ranked right in the middle of the tier list, at 6th place in the B tier. It is notable for being the lightest, floatiest, and lowest gravity character in the game. Expert Smashers can use and abuse Jigglypuff's low knockback attacks and floatiness to their advantage in several combos against heavier characters. However, because Jigglypuff is so light and floaty, it is very easy to KO. In addition, Jigglypuff lacks a rising up special move recovery, forcing it to rely on its remaining midair jumps to recover.

How to unlock

  • Complete 1P Game, then defeat Jigglypuff on Saffron City.
Note: Jigglypuff can be unlocked after Captain Falcon and/or Ness if criteria for the latter two is fulfilled during the 1P Game.


SSB64 Jiggly.gif

Most of Jigglypuff's moveset consists of low knockback attacks. To many novice players, low knockback is often considered a bad thing. But to competitive Smashers, Jigglypuff's low knockback attacks, combined with low lag and great aerial maneuverability makes it a good character to combo with. Its great aerial mobility makes up for the fact that it has the second slowest dash speed. Jigglypuff also has in its arsenal surprisingly powerful finishing attacks, such as its up smash. Unfortunately, Jigglypuff is very reliant on comboing for its KOs; if the Jigglypuff player fails to land the finishing blow, it is not unusual to see the opponent's health go upwards to 150% before being KO'd.

Jigglypuff's ground attacks are generally slow and weak, other than its smashes. Neutral attack, forward tilt, and down tilt have little use in general. Up tilt is also weak but can be used for combos at low-mid percentages, and it can lead into an up smash or Rest as a finisher. Forward and up smashes are decent finishers, while down smash sends the opponent on a semi-spike trajectory, meaning it can be used for edge-guarding. Jigglypuff has some good aerials, with a good edge-guarding ability. Its down aerial can meteor smash, albeit extremely weakly.

Jigglypuff has a unique set of special moves, which can be considered "extreme". This means they have some very good things about them, but also some very poor things about them. Its neutral special move (Pound) has short range (like all of Jigglypuff's moves) and a little bit of starting lag, but it does very high damage, good knockback, a lot of shield damage, and can easily give Jigglypuff additional recovery, especially horizontally. Its down special move (Rest) is known for having incredible strength if it connects, extreme ending lag, very fast starting time, very poor range, and providing invincibility frames until its eyes close. It is an excellent combo finisher, and can be done from a forward throw against fastfallers like Captain Falcon. It is also possible to easily combo into it with a z-canceled down aerial. Its up special move, Sing, puts opponents to sleep. Unlike in Melee and Brawl, it keeps opponents asleep for longer at lower percentages. This means it can easily lead into another move, but since the opponent's percentage has to be low, it can't really lead into a finisher.

On the receiving end, Jigglypuff's floatiness, low weight, and small size make it difficult to land long combos on it. Furthermore, Jigglypuff's slow falling speed, five midair jumps, good air speed, and Rising Pounds allow it to recover from almost any distance horizontally. On the downside, its vertical recovery is very bad due to only three of its midair jumps giving actual height (its fourth midair jump gives next to no height, and its fifth merely slows its descent) and it lacking a rising up special move. This makes it very vulnerable to meteor smashes and meteor smash combos such as Yoshi's f-tilt -> fair. Also, Jigglypuff's slow falling speed makes it very easy to juggle, and very vulnerable to characters with powerful vertical finishers, such as Fox with his up smash and up aerial. Light weight also has its downside, as Jigglypuff will often be knocked out at premature percents. If Jigglypuff's shield breaks when there is no ceiling, it will be Star KOed, so Jigglypuff players must be very careful when shielding drill attacks, other multi-hit attacks, and attacks that cause high shield damage (although it does have the largest shield, which helps this problem).


  Image Name Damage Description
Neutral attack Jigglypuff Neutral attack SSB.png   3% Jigglypuff jabs forward twice. The first is usually used in the middle of combos for some extra damage while the second is rarely used due to it having more ending lag.
Forward tilt Jigglypuff Forward tilt SSB.png   6-8% Jigglypuff spins and performs a horizontal kick. This attack can be angled up or down.
Up tilt Jigglypuff Up tilt SSB.png   8-10% Jigglypuff leans forward and kicks one foot up from behind its body.
Down tilt Jigglypuff Down tilt SSB.png   8-10% Jigglypuff crouches and kicks one foot out at the opponent's feet.
Dash attack Jigglypuff Dash attack SSB.png   8-10% (clean), 8-6% (late) Jigglypuff dashes forward and attacks with a flying headbutt.
Forward smash Jigglypuff Forward smash SSB.png   12-16% (clean), 8-10% (late) Jigglypuff jumps forward with sticks one foot out. One thing to note is that the hitbox comes out near the end of the attack, so if spaced and timed correctly, the opponent can grab the oncoming Jigglypuff before the attack connects.
Up smash Jigglypuff Up smash SSB.png   14-18% (clean), 8-10% (late) Jigglypuff headbutts upward. Often used as a finishing move.
Down smash Jigglypuff Down smash SSB.png   12-16% (clean), 8-10% (late) Jigglypuff stretches both feet out simultaneously, attacking opponents on both sides. Often used as an edge-guarding move as it allows the player to avoid getting hit by the recovering opponent while still being able to prevent the opponent from grabbing the ledge.
Neutral aerial Jigglypuff Neutral aerial SSB.png   11-14% (clean), 7-9% (late) Jigglypuff extends a foot out, sending the opponent back. This move comes out quickly, has a decent-sized, disjointed hitbox, and lasts for quite a while. Has sex kick properties.
Forward aerial Jigglypuff Forward aerial SSB.png   8-13% (clean), 7-9% (late) Jigglypuff performs a dropkick attack that deals a good amount of knockback. Despite having sex kick-like properties, this move isn't exactly a sex kick.
Back aerial Jigglypuff Back aerial SSB.png   10-13% (clean), 7-9% (late) Jigglypuff kicks backward while spinning. This attack has low knockback and can be chained into more back aerials, although it isn't nearly as effective as Melee's Wall of Pain.
Up aerial Jigglypuff Up aerial SSB.png   12-16% Jigglypuff swings an arm overhead that knocks the opponent higher up. Because the knockback is consistent throughout the hitbox, if the opponent is hit at the lower part of the hitbox, it may set up for aerial combos.
Down aerial Jigglypuff Down aerial SSB.png   3% (hits 1-10 & landing) Jigglypuff drills down into the opponent, hitting multiple times. When Jigglypuff lands while hitting the opponent with this attack, it can be followed up with almost any ground attack, depending on the DI. It is a very weak spike; the weakest in the game, but can nonetheless be used for edge-guarding.
Grab Jigglypuff Grab SSB.png    
Forward throw Jigglypuff Forward throw SSB.png   11-14% Jigglypuff spins once and tosses the opponent upwards. Unlike most forward throws, this throw sends opponents straight up. This is both bad and good, as the attack rarely KOs and can't set up edge-guards, but at low percentages, it can be useful for combos.
Back throw Jigglypuff Back throw SSB.png   12-16% Jigglypuff flips backwards, slamming the opponent on the ground. This throw is among the most powerful throws in the game, knockback-wise.
Floor attack (front) Jigglypuff Floor attack (front) SSB.png   5-6% Jigglypuff kicks on both sides while getting up.
Floor attack (back) Jigglypuff Floor attack (back) SSB.png   5-6% Jigglypuff gets up and does a spin kick.
Edge attack (fast) Jigglypuff Edge attack (fast) SBB.png   3-4% Flips onto the stage and swings one foot down before retreating with a backflip.
Edge attack (slow) Jigglypuff Edge attack (slow) SBB.png   3-4% Slowly climbs up and lunges forward, attacking foes with a headbutt before retreating with a backflip. This attack will not hit foes right next to the ledge where Jigglypuff is.
Neutral special Pound (SSB).png Pound 10-13% A stiff-moving punch forward that pops opponents into the air. The hitbox stays out for a surprisingly long time and deals high shield damage. When used while airborne, it can be aimed up or down with the control stick, which can be useful to stall in the air or as a recovery move.
Up special Sing (SSB).png Sing 0% Jigglypuff sings a lullaby that puts nearby opponents to sleep. Unlike in future Super Smash Bros. installments, the opponent sleep for longer at lower percentages and unlike most up specials, it does not give off any distance vertically or horizontally.
Down special Rest (SSB).png Rest 15-20% Jigglypuff takes a nap. Anyone who makes contact with Jigglypuff the moment it dozes off will be sent flying by the attack. The hitbox of this attack is very small hitbox and should only be used when you are close enough to move an opponent or if opponents are attacking you and about to make contact. Jigglypuff has a little bit of invincibility during the startup of this move.


  • Inflates, puts its arms in front of it, rocks to its right, rocks to its left, then rocks to its right again - accompanied by an enthusiastic "Jigglypuff!" (in Japanese version "Purin, Puriin!").

On-Screen Appearance

  • Gets released from a Poké Ball.


Super Smash Bros. Character Matchups
  SSBIconPikachu.png SSBKIconKirby.png SSBIconCaptainFalcon.png SSBIconFox.png SSBIconYoshi.png SSBIconJigglypuff.png SSBIconMario.png SSBIconSamus.png SSBIconDK.png SSBIconNess.png SSBIconLink.png SSBIconLuigi.png Avg.
SSBIconJigglypuff.png 35:65 40:60 50:50 30:70 50:50 Mirror match 40:60 50:50 40:60 50:50 50:50 40:60 45:55


Rising Pound

Directly after pressing the button for Jigglypuff's Pound, the player has the option of tilting the control stick up or down, resulting in a slight movement in that direction during the Pound. Holding up after the Pound is called the "Rising Pound" and assists in horizontal recovery by allowing Jigglypuff to move forward while slowing its descent. The player should be warned, however, that tilting up too soon will cause Jigglypuff to Sing.


Jigglypuff has a wide assortment of low-trajectory attacks, as well as four high-knockback ones (Rest, Back Throw, Up Smash and Up Air), and a unique throw, all of which have earned it the reputation of having some of the most effective and easiest combos in the game. Advanced players utilize its "drill" kick and Up Tilt, but largely rely on Jigglypuff's other aerials, its Forward Throw, and the different hitboxes that exist in its Pound attack. Good Jigglypuff players and bad Jigglypuff players have something in common: both will rarely be seen on the ground.

Character description

The Balloon PKMN with the big, round eyes. It sings a soothing melody, sending those that hear it to sleep. When mad, it puffs itself up. As a Balloon PKMN, its body is light, weak, and easy to knock away.

Alternate Costumes

Jigglypuff's changeable clothing in Super Smash Bros.