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Isabelle (しずえ, Shizue in Japan) is a dog from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She assists the Villager as his/her secretary during the player's work as town mayor.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Isabelle appears as an Assist Trophy. Her abilities are giving Food to the one who summoned her.

Trophy Description

Isabelle is the mayor's highly capable secretary. She can be forgetful sometimes, but you can always count on her for information about the town. She wears her hair up in a bun that makes her look like a shih tzu. Mostly because she is one! She also has a twin brother named Digby.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As a playable character

Isabelle - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png

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Isabelle returns to Smash Bros. as an unlockable playable character in Ultimate. She is a semi-echo fighter of Villager.


  • When Isabelle throws food at the person who summoned her, they will automatically pick it up even if the player didn't press A.
    • Though opponents do have to press A in order to eat the food.
  • Isabelle is the third character to be promoted from Assist Trophy to a playable fighter after Little Mac from Punch-Out!! and Dark Samus from the Metroid Prime series.
  • Isabelle is the fifth fighter, following Olimar, Alph, Mega Man, and PAC-MAN, to be completely silent in Smash, despite having voices in their own games.