Invincibility frames are the period of time (measured in frames) during which a character cannot be damaged. Depending on which kind of invincibility the character has, the attack may "hit" or "miss".


A character with invincibility will be hit by attacks (so the attacker takes hitlag), but will not take damage, knockback, or hitstun. This can be thought of as "blocking invincibility". For example, characters using a Starman have invincibility, as well as characters about to throw someone (this invincibility lasts 8 frames). Other examples of invincibility include:


A character with intangibility will not be hit by attacks. For example, a projectile will travel right through him or her. Intangibility is often attributed to dodges, techs, edge-grabbing, get-up attacks and animations, and certain body parts during certain moves. Since the character is not hit, a long-lasting attack (or very short intangibility time) may still hit the character once it ends. Intangibility can also be called "dodging invincibility".

Invincibility attacks

Negative Aspects

Overall, invincibility is generally a good thing. However, one negative aspect is that on the Brinstar and Norfair stages, characters will pass straight through the lava, rather than sustaining damage and bouncing back up.