The Infinite Super Scope Glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows players to shoot the Super Scope an infinite number of times, including charged shots, without it running out of ammo. The Infinite Super Scope Glitch is a necessary step in completing the Black Hole Glitch. However, both the Infinite Super Scope Glitch and the Black Hole Glitch cannot be performed in Brawl. This is due to three separate reasons:

  • Reflectors are eventually bypassed by the reflected scope shots
  • Shots dissipate when they collide with other shots and objects instead of passing through them
  • Possible correction to the Super Scope coding (see below)

How To Perform

The Infinite Super Scope Glitch has three steps.

Step One

  • Fire 15 individual shots from the Super Scope. (5 sets of 3 shots seems to be easiest, as just tapping the fire button once always results in a volley of three shots)

Step Two

  • Fire two fully charged shots from the Super Scope.

Step Three

  • Finally, charge one more shot and have someone attack the player before firing.


From a programming standpoint, a possible coding oversight could be to blame for this glitch.

  • The 15 individual shots, plus the two fully charged shots, bring the Super Scope's ammo to nearly zero.
  • Charging a shot deducts ammo from the reserve. Overcharging drives the number below 0.
  • If the game is not properly programmed, instead of remaining below 0, the ammo count will rollover to an extremely high value (e.g., 255; 65,535 or 4,294,967,295).
  • The character gets attacked and the shot is never fired. The ammo remains extremely high.

Thus, if the game does not realize there has been a rollover, the Super Scope will receive far more ammo than a player can count - a seemingly infinite amount.

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