Infernal Climax (大魔獣召喚, Great Demon Beast Summoning) is Bayonetta's Final Smash.


The Final Smash starts out with Bayonetta yelling "Smashing!", and using her Witch Time magic to slow down the entire screen, allowing her to rack up damage on opponents. The Climax Gauge is displayed to show the amount of damage Bayonetta has already inflicted on opponents, and must be filled before Witch Time ends. Once the gauge is full, Bayonetta must hit an opponent with a move that deals knockback, and then the real Final Smash begins: Bayonetta yells "Avavago!" and conjures a portal that summons the Infernal Demon Gomorrah, which attacks every fighter being affected by hitstun from one of Bayonetta's attacks the moment he is summoned, regardless of whether it was from the final hit or not.

Gomorrah's attack deals 30% damage, and while he is chewing another gauge, the Gigaton Gauge, appears: if the player mashes the button, the gauge will fill, and once full Gomorrah will deal extra 15% to the targets. If any one target's damage reaches 100% or more by Gomorrah, they are instantly KO'd at the end of the attack; otherwise, they receive a set amount of knockback, similarly to the behavior of a Danger Zone.

It should be noted that teammates will be affected by Witch Time, but their attacks can fill up the Climax Gauge. However, Bayonetta must be the one to inflict the final blow in order to summon Gomorrah.


The overall Infernal Climax derives its basis from the maximum and true effects of the Witch Time mechanic, and the mechanic of the Climax Attack. In its originating game, Witch Time is encouraged to be used by players, allowing for both a slight increase in attack damage, a greater vulnerability span to rack up combo hits, and as a point multiplier for the score system. Climax Attacks are eponymous finishing displays on higher tier enemies, specifically those of the Second Sphere and First Sphere of Angels, where an Infernal Demon is summoned to provide a brutal and fitting end to the battle.

The Final Smash is based on Bayonetta's main way of finishing off large opponents. The Climax Gauge is modeled after the one seen in Bayonetta 2, where it fills up for button prompts and quick time events (QTEs) rather than the damage she deals as in Smash Bros.

Gomorrah, Devourer of the Divine, is one of Bayonetta's Infernal Demons. He is used to finish off large enemies throughout the series. He was her go-to for most enemies in the first game, but in Bayonetta 2, Gomorrah breaks free from her control and fights her atop a skyscraper. It is his betrayal that causes Jeanne to lose her soul, and the start of Bayonetta's journey to save it. After the defeat of Aesir, the God of Chaos, Gomorrah would return to being one of Bayonetta's loyal demons once again, his betrayal being a result of Aesir's influence.

As seen in the trophy, her clothing stays on during the attack, as opposed to the actual games where all of her clothes disappear, aside from hair that is around her body.

The name Gomorrah comes from the famous city of the same name. Alongside with its sister city, Sodom, the two cities appeared several times in biblical texts as cities wallowing in the sins of mankind. In the texts divine judgement was passed upon Sodom and Gomorrah, and due to their unclean wickedness the cities were consumed by the wrath of God in the form of fire and brimstone that rained from the skies.

Bayonetta's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Bullet Climax
Side Special Heel Slide/After Burner Kick
Up Special Witch Twist
Down Special Witch Time
Final Smash Infernal Climax


  • Infernal Climax is the first Final Smash in the series that will successfully KO opponents 100% of the time regardless of positioning, knockback resistance, or size of the stage, unlike similarly powerful Final Smashes like Critical Hit that can be negated by teching on a wall, for example. This is only true if opponents are at or above 100%, however.

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