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The Iceberg glitch refers to glitches that can be performed by using the Ice Climbers' Final Smash on Temple in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Glitch 1

Passing through the stage— This glitch can be done on nearly any stage. Using Iceberg will push the Ice Climbers and opponents through solid platforms. This can save players from being KO'd.

Glitch 2

Stuck in bottom of stage- Using Iceberg near the bottom of the stage on the right side of the "spike" that protrudes from the bottom platform will cause the Ice Climbers to become stuck, thereby floating. If the camera zooms in on the Ice Climbers, it is possible to see that the Ice climbers are in their falling animation but not falling. If the Ice Climbers try to use any Aerial attacks, they will "bounce" off the stage and go into their knockback animation (spinning around with a look of pain). If one repeatedly uses their Fair, it is possible for the Ice Climbers to get out to the right side of the iceberg. If one uses Belay at the correct time of leaving the iceberg, Nana will get KO'ed, but Popo will perform a super-jump, going over the top boundary line and falling for a long time. Also, when in the iceberg, if the Ice Climbers go into helpless, they will continue to "float" until the Iceberg goes down, dragging the Ice Climbers below the lower blast line, eventually KO'ing them.


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