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{{Infobox Character General
|Box title = Ice Climbers
|name = Ice Climbers
|Image file = Ice Climbers.jpg
|image = [[Image:Ice Climbers.jpg|250px|Ice Climbers]]
|Image size = 250px
|caption = Nana and Popo, as they appear in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]''.
|Row 1 title = Game of origin
|series = ''[[Ice Climber (series)|Ice Climber]]
|Row 1 info = Ice Climber
|first = ''[[Wikipedia:Ice Climber|Ice Climber]]'' (1985)
|Row 2 title = Console of origin
|creator =
|Row 2 info = NES
|designer =
|Row 3 title = Smash Bros. Symbol
|hair =
|Row 3 info = Eggplant [[Image:Climbers Emblem.jpg]]
|eyes =
|height =
|weight =
|english_va =
|japanese_va =
|motionactor =
|liveactor =

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The Ice Climbers are 2 parka-wearing eskimos, who originated from the NES title "Ice Climber". The Ice Climbers have a unique fighting style, as there are 2 characters that you fight with- Popo, the male, and Nana, the female. The Ice Climbers were new to Melee, and it has been confirmed that they will be returning to Brawl.

The Ice Climbers' appearance is quite a change from their original 8-bit form. All there is to say about the Ice Climbers is that they have pink and blue parkas (Nana and Popo, respectively) and hammers.

The Ice Climbers are unique in that there are two of them. Nana (the pink Ice Climber) is partially computer controlled when the duo is used by a player. If Nana is KOed, Popo will remain in the match without losing any stock. If Popo is KOed on the other hand, Nana will vanish as well.

IC 1

Promotional image for the Climbers in Melee.

Special Moves


  • B - Ice Shot

Popo and Nana make a block of ice, and shoot it with their hammers. The ice can pick up speed when going downhill, and the faster the ice, the harder the hit.

  • B → - Squall Hammer

Nana and Popo go back-to-back, hold their hammers out, and spin around. Not much to say, except that this is VERY powerful if timed right.

  • B ↑ - Belay:

Belay starts with Nana throwing Popo up in the air, then Popo pulls Nana up, striking any enemies they touch. This not only serves as a recovery, but it packs a fairly good punch as well.

  • B ↓ - Blizzard

This move shoots icy wind out of the Climbers' hands. There is a small chance that this move will have the freezy effect, but other wise, it just is a flurry of low hits.


Classic Ice Climbers trophy

To unlock this trophy you must complete Classic Mode as the Ice Climbers.

Red Smash Ice Climbers trophy

To unlock this trophy you must complete Adventure Mode as the Ice Climbers.

Blue Smash Ice Climbers trophy

To unlock this trophy you must complete All-Star Mode as the Ice Climbers.

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