Create a big piston that strikes out to one side. The piston can hit multiple opponents, but only one will be launched into a dark room that then explodes.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List.

House of Boom is Steve and Alex's Final Smash.


The Final Smash begins with Steve summoning a large Piston that will extend to catch opponents. If a fighter is caught, they will be shoved into the House of Boom, which is a castle-like structure filled with multiple TNT Blocks, Zombies, and Creepers. Once the Creepers appear, they will immediately blow up to set off a chain reaction, as their explosions will also detonate the TNT to combine into a much larger destructive force strong enough to decimate the entire House and KO the opponent. It will then cut to a shot of Steve outside and in front of the camera, cheekily eating a Steak, before returning to regular gameplay.

Only one fighter can be trapped in the House; if other characters are hit by the giant Piston, they will only receive large knockback after the cinematic is finished.


According to Masahiro Sakurai, the Final Smash is inspired by the trap-filled buildings players build in their worlds to take out opponents, an act known within the fandom as "Griefing" as its often used to intentionally annoy other players. Due to the popularity of Griefing, Mojang Studios themselves have created their own special trap-filled buildings and structures, such as the insides of desert pyramids that have floors with secret TNT Blocks built within.

The titular House resembles a Stronghold or a Temple, structures commonly found in the Overworld. Some function as portals to other dimensions, such as the Stronghold, which takes players to The End to battle the Ender Dragon.

The Piston that Steve summons in the beginning is one of the many special Blocks that players can craft. Much like a real-life Piston, they can be used to push Blocks, Mobs, and other players around. Crafting a Piston requires 3 planks of Wood, 4 Stones, 1 Iron ingot, and 1 Redstone. The giant Piston that is used in the Final Smash does not exist in Minecraft and was made specifically for Smash.


  • House of Boom is one of four Final Smashes to use pre-rendered cinematics, the other three being All-Out Attack, Gigaslash, and Supernova. This is most noticeable in the shots with the Creepers and the proceeding explosion, which is rendered at 30 frames-per-second (most likely for space-saving reasons).
    • Out of the four, only House of Boom allows pausing during the cinematic.
    • All four are coincidentally DLC Final Smashes.
  • The brief first-person view during the cinematic is meant to emulate Minecraft's default camera, with the irregular panning being similar to a player moving their computer mouse.
  • House of Boom is one of two Final Smashes that can end with a Special Zoom, the other being Sealing the Keyhole.


Steve and Alex's Special Moves
Standard Special Mine / Craft / Create Block
Side Special Minecart
Up Special Elytra
Down Special TNT
Final Smash House of Boom