The Home-Run Stadium in Melee.

The Home-Run Stadium is a stage used in the Home-Run Contest. It is comprised of a grassy stadium of extreme length (infinite in Brawl) with a single small platform where Sandbag and a Home-Run Bat sits.

In Melee

There is a wall to the left of the platform that Sandbag can be bounced off of; however getting the right bounce to avoid a "No Distance" is difficult.

While the stage does eventually end, hacking is required to ever reach that far.

In Brawl

An energy shield surrounds the platform that deactivates when the timer reaches 1 second, making it easier to avoid having Sandbag fly off prematurely. However, the shield will break if hit too frequently or too hard.



•If one is making a custom stage in Brawl, and selects the Home-Run Stadium's music, the music will play once and then stop.

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