The Hocotate Ship is the spacecraft used by Captain Olimar in Pikmin 2. This ship has many more features than Olimar's first ship, the S.S. Dolphin. These features include basic upgrades such as a second cockpit and extra storage space, and technological upgrades controlled by a computer capable of speaking to Olimar, Louie, and the President via a speakerphone located at the top of the ship. This particular section of the ship is capable of detaching from the main part of the ship and following Olimar into dungeons. Also, the ship is capable of holding mass amounts of treasure and up to 100 purple Pikmin and 100 white Pikmin, which it must do because these particular Pikmin do not have onions to stay in for the night.

Role in Brawl

When Olimar uses his Final Smash, End of Day, the Hocotate Ship appears and Olimar enters it, though his Pikmin do not follow. Upon leaving the ground, all nearby targets are spiked and buried as the Bulborbs devour them. Once he lands, a high knockback explosion occurs dealing about 17% damage.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

Olimar and one of the characters that do not own a ship (it is not specified who, but since there are only two cockpits it is well thought that it is just him and one other person) join all of the other characters in an all-out assault against the Subspace Army's massive gunship. While Olimar's ship does not technically assist in the attack, it can be seen sputtering into the Subspace portal after all of the others.

Trophy info

A battered old spaceship used when Hocotate Freight first opened. Its appraisal gauge analyzed garbage Olimar brought home and found it to be valuable. With his new ship sold off to pay company debts, Louie and Olimar flew this one back to the Pikmin world to find more treasure. The ship's removable research pod accompanied the adventurers when they ventured underground.

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