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The Hero is the main protagonist of the Dragon Quest series. He first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the third downloadable character.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Hero is announced to be a part of the downloadable content of Fighter Pass, as four characters in one slot. The primary Hero is DQ XI's Hero, a luminary known as Eleven, the rest such as Eight (nicknamed “Guv”, from DQ VIII), Solo (from DQ IV) and Arusu (from DQ III, later named “Erdrick”) act as Hero’s palette swaps.

His Final Smash, Gigaslash features heroes from various games of the Dragon Quest series.


  • Like Bowser Jr. and Pokemon Trainer mostly, the Hero uses other characters for his alternate palette swaps, that being protagonists of other Dragon Quest games.
  • The Dragon Quest Hero is the second Square-Enix represented character and most of them are not from the initial game, much like their fellow Square-Enix character Cloud Strife.
    • Much like Cloud (formerly both Marth and Roy in pre-Ultimate), Dragon Quest Hero, despite its default hero Eleven having an English voice actor (in this case, Rasmus Hardiker), still stuck having a Japanese voice, due to having union only English voice actor(s) as Cloud’s.
      • Due to this, Dragon Quest Hero shares a same situation as mostly Mewtwo, and formerly both Fox and Falco prior Brawl onwards.
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