Helicopter Kick (昇天スピンキック) is one of Mii Brawler's Up Special Moves. The Brawler repeatedly kicks the opponents while rising upwards. The direction can by influenced by holding the direction button. This move is notable for dealing extremely high knockback in the last hit, being powerful enough to KO opponents at mid-low percentages off-stage.

In Ultimate, it travels farther upwards if activated from the ground, but it's knockback has been reduced, making it unable to KO from the ledge, though it's knockback can be altered by holding left or right.



  • Excellent kill power
  • Good damage; combo finisher
  • Good horizontal movement
  • Direction can be influenced


  • Poor vertical height

Helicopter Kick is a great move if a player wants a reliable kill move and recovery in one package. The last hit of the move has incredible launch and kill power, killing as early as 70% on most characters. It has good horizontal movement and the direction it goes in can be influenced during the move, though it suffers from a lack of vertical height. The move is also useful for racking up some damage on opponents as a combo finisher.

Mii Brawler's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
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Helicopter Kick
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