Heel Slide (ヒールスライド, Heel Slide) is Bayonetta's Side Special Move. Bayonetta slides forward on the ground, shooting with her feet as she goes. Much like her other moves, if the button is held, she will fire her guns for extra damage, and if held longer, she will perform an upwards flip kick that launches opponents, giving an opening for combos.

If used in the air, the move becomes After Burner Kick (アフターバーナーキック, After Burner Kick). This attack has her fly diagonally upwards with a kick, and can be performed twice in the air if the first attack hits an opponent.

Much like her other graphical effects, the color of the trails are either blue or red depending on which costume she is wearing; blue for the Bayonetta 2 costume, and red for the original Bayonetta.


Heel Slide is an excellent combo-starter thanks to its low ending lag and the ability to launch an extra kick by holding the button. The kick knocks opponents into the air to allow for easy aerial combo follow-up attacks. However, the move is easy to punish due its low priority, and shouldn't be used sparingly.

After Burner Kick is a great juggling move, which also aids in recovery. Bayonetta will perform a flying kick at an upwards angle that deals low upwards knockback and launches slightly behind Bayonetta, allowing her to easily follow it up with a second After Burner kick, back aerial, up aerial, or neutral aerial. After Burner Kick can be used twice consecutively before Bayonetta goes helpless, though the helpless state can be canceled out of by using Witch Twist or a midair jump. When pressing down before the move is input, Bayonetta will dive kick diagonally downwards, toward the ground, and bouncing off opponents if it connects. Using a Hadoken-input (quarter circle) makes this version easier to perform. This downwards variation of the move is often called Dive Kick, Hadoken After Burner Kick, After Burner Slide, and Heel Kick. Both variants can combo into each other, and the move can also be reversed to be directed in the other direction.

Bayonetta's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Bullet Climax
Side Special Heel Slide/After Burner Kick
Up Special Witch Twist
Down Special Witch Time
Final Smash Infernal Climax


Both Heel Slide and After Burner Kick are separate techniques purchasable at the Gates of Hell. Heel Slide functions the same way, and if done in the air, a diagonal After Burner Kick is performed if it was already purchased. After Burner Kick also has two variants depending on whether or not Bayonetta is ascending or descending from her jump.

After Burner Kick is named after the SEGA arcade game of the same name, and the downward variant resembles Red-Hot Kick, an attack from PlatinumGames' predecessor Clover Studio's game, Viewtiful Joe. In Smash Bros. she poses the same as Red-Hot Kick when performing After Burner Kick.


  • This is the only Special Move to have different names and properties if used in different locations.
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