Heal is one of Hero's Down Special Moves available from Command Selection. It costs 7 MP to cast.


Hero raises his hand while being surrounded by a green aura briefly. Heal replenishes 11% of Hero's current damage, but can only be used a maximum of two times before no longer appearing in Command Selection. This restriction is lifted when Hero lands a KO hit or is KO'd. It is the only special move in the game that provides Healing for the user and has no other effects.

Hero's Special Moves
Standard Special Frizz Frizzle Kafrizz
Side Special Zap Zapple Kazap
Up Special Woosh Swoosh Kaswoosh
Down Special Command Selection
Sizz Sizzle Oomph
Psyche Up Bounce Heal
Flame Slash Kacrackle Slash Acceleratle
Bang Kaboom Snooze
Hatchet Man Whack Thwack
Zoom Kaclang Metal Slash
Magic Burst Kamikazee Hocus Pocus
Final Smash Gigaslash