Header (ヘディング Heading?) is Wii Fit Trainer's Side Special Move.


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Wii Fit Trainer heads a small soccer ball forwards, which will bounce and damage anyone in its path. The ball will remain on the ground and can be hit by other characters to cause damage, but unlike the Soccer Ball, it won't have fire effects nor be as powerful.

By using shield, players can cancel header and let the ball drop, making the move more versatile.

If an opponent is right in front of Wii Fit Trainer, they can be headbutted along with the ball, and the headbutt can Meteor Smash opponents.

Header is another versatile move, as the long-range projectile can be slightly aimed by pressing the button again after Wii Fit Trainer leaps up. Not tapping the button will result in the ball being knocked at a more downwards angle while pressing the button will aim it slightly higher; Header is excellent for stalling on the edge. While trying to recover, Wii Fit Trainer can stop her momentum by using Header and then quickly adjust course after using the move, allowing her to stall her recovery briefly to keep opponents guessing. Wii Fit can drop from the edge, jump, and then use the move to hit an edge-guarding opponent with the ball by bouncing or skimming it across the stage. When hanging from the edge, Wii Fit can use her side special in the opposite direction from the edge to hit the ball away from the stage and then automatically regrab the edge. This will not work if Wii Fit Trainer does not have the ball when it is used and the player will have to manually regrab the edge. Why is this useful? Well, a recovering opponent closing in on the edge can easily be deterred away from it by the projectile, and if they're close enough, Wii Fit can even spike them downwards with the headbutt. The shield button can be pressed to cancel the move, allowing the ball to fall down to the ground; this can allow for even more versatility in how the projectile is fired by cancelling the move and then hitting it with a standard attack to direct its path and angle in a direction that the regular move otherwise couldn't reach. The move must not be cancelled off-stage because it leaves Wii Fit Trainer helpless when this is done.

Wii Fit Trainer's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Sun Salutation
Side Special Header
Up Special Super Hoop
Down Special Deep Breathing
Final Smash Wii Fit

Custom Variations

Header can be customized into Huge Header or Weighted Header.

Huge Header

Huge Header will head a larger soccer ball that's slower and less powerful but easier to hit with.

Weighted Header

Weighted Header will head a heavy ball that is much more powerful but will drop to the ground quicker.

Wii Fit Trainer's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Enriched Sun Salutation Sweeping Sun Salutation
Side Special Huge Header Weighted Header
Up Special Jumbo Hoop Hoop Hurricane
Down Special Volatile Breathing Steady Breathing


Soccer Heading was a mini-game in Wii Fit, where the player had to head as many soccer balls kicked to him while avoiding shoes and panda heads.

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