Hand Slap is Donkey Kong's Down Special Move. Donkey Kong delivers an earth-shaking blow to the ground, sending nearby enemies skyward.


Because of its considerable power, consistent and repetitive damage, and its large hitbox, the move is often used against CPU Teams to clear them out with little trouble. The only downside is that because items appear in this mode, a DK that is immobile due to using the move is open to various traps such as a Bob-omb walking into him, although the large range of this attack usually keeps them away.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, this move can also be used in mid-air and potentially meteor smash opponents, where DK quickly slaps below him multiple times.

This move is the strongest attack against Bosses, but only works on certain ground bosses. An interesting note is that as long as one keeps pressing B after a Hand Slap, the Control Stick does not have to be held down for it to continue.

Donkey Kong's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Giant Punch
Side Special Headbutt
Up Special Spinning Kong
Down Special Hand Slap
Final Smash Konga Beat Jungle Rush

Custom Variations

Focused Slap

Focused Slap is one of Donkey Kong's Down Special Moves that can be used via customization. The shockwaves cover a smaller area, but anyone caught in it will be stunned and sent flying.


  • Kills earlier
  • Combo starter
  • Good damage


  • Only hits in front of DK
  • Less range on the shockwaves

The Focused Slap still deals a good amount of damage to opponents. However, the range of the shockwaves is smaller, only hitting opponents in front of Donkey Kong. The move is a good combo starter since it launches opponents into the air; it also combos out of fast fall neutral aerial at lower percentages. The move kills most characters at just over 100%, making it a reliable kill option both on the ground and in the air.

Hot Slap

Hot Slap is one of Donkey Kong's Down Special Moves that can be used via customization. While the slaps are weak, they can create flame pillars which can hit airborne opponents.


  • Greater vertical range
  • Good edge-guarding tool
  • Punishing airborne approaches
  • Good damage
  • Good kill option


  • Smaller shockwaves
  • Less damage than default
  • Doesn't hit behind DK

The Hot Slap has greater vertical range because of the columns of flame that are produced by the attack. This vertical range can be useful for punishing airborne approaches made by opponents, though the move won't hit behind Donkey Kong when used. The shockwave range itself is also decreased and the damage the move deals is less than the default but sill puts on a good 12% to opponents it hits. When short-hopped the aerial version of the move can send opponents sliding across the ground at lower percentages to set up for another aerial Hot Slap, enabling the move to essentially combo into itself. It kills most characters at just over 100% and is an excellent edge-guarding tool because the small shockwaves it produces hits opponents recovering low and the fire pillars hit opponents recovering higher. The move also sends at more of a diagonal angle rather than upwards.

Donkey Kong's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Lightning Punch Storm Punch
Side Special Jumping Headbutt Stubborn Headbutt
Up Special Chopper Kong Kong Cyclone
Down Special Focused Slap Hot Slap

Infinite Handslap Combo

The Infinite Handslap Combo is a technique performable only by Donkey Kong. To do it, get both Donkey Kong and his opponent in an area with a flat, low-hanging ceiling, such as Hyrule Temple. Use Hand Slap repeatedly. This allows to rack up damage quickly. However, it can be teched out of. It does not count as a combo by the Training Mode's Combo Meter, since the opponent lands on the ground momentarily.


Hand Slap is based on an obscure move from Donkey Kong Country where Donkey Kong slaps the ground.