Gut Check (ボディカウンター, Body Counter) is King K. Rool's Down Special Move. It is a counterattack and a reflector in which K. Rool uses his stomach.


K. Rool's stomach shines, entering in a defensive stance. If a fighter attacks K. Rool's stomach during this stance, he counters the attack by enlarging his stomach causing horizontal knockback. If any projectile instead hits his stomach in this stance, the projectile will get reflected. Unlike the counterattacks of other characters, King K. Rool's counterattack or reflect will be successful only if it hits him on the stomach, so he is vulnerable from attacks from his back or top.


The move originates from King K. Rools properties in Donkey Kong Country where he is normally invincible and doesn't take attack damage while his crown is still on. It may also come from Donkey Kong Land, where King K. Rool often attacks by flopping or slamming the ground on his stomach. It may also originate from the character Klump from Donkey Kong 64, which is able to counter different attacks by sticking out his stomach.

King K. Rool's Special Moves
Standard Special Blunderbuss
Side Special Crownerang
Up Special Propellerpack
Down Special Gut Check
Final Smash Blast-O-Matic
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