Grenade Launch

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For Snake's Final Smash, see Grenade Launcher.

Grenade Launch (グレネードランチャー) is one of Mii Gunner's Neutral Special Moves. Mii Gunner fires powerful explosives that, if charged, have a very large range.



  • Range increases with charging
  • Great range when fully charged
  • Decent damage
  • Bounces along the ground and explodes even if it misses
  • Arcing path makes enemy aerial approaches difficult
  • Great edge-guarding tool
  • Charges up quickly


  • Not a great killing move

Grenade Launch is a great move for players that like to keep their distance while also possessing a good tool for several situations. The move's range increases with charging but its damage of 8% always remains the same. It has some decent launch but it isn't necessarily great, however this can assist in continuing combos. The move has an arching path that can make enemies approaching from the air wish they hadn't as well as the bomb bouncing on the ground if it misses, giving it a bit of extra range. The grenade will still explode after a set time if it misses the opponent. The move is not great for killing, killing around 155% on most characters. The move does charge up rather quickly and can be fired at any time while charging, further complicating enemy approaches. It is a great zoning tool and also functions as an edge-guarding method.


  • Even though this is an explosive attack with solid projectile, it can be absorbed by Ness and Lucas' PK Magnet, healing only the same as one single explosion (1 to 2%).

Mii Gunner's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Charge Blast
Laser Blaze
Grenade Launch
Side Special Flame Pillar
Stealth Burst
Gunner Missile
Up Special Lunar Launch
Cannon Uppercut Cannon Jump Kick
Arm Rocket
Down Special Echo Reflector
Bomb Drop
Absorbing Vortex
Final Smash Full Blast
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