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The Green Shell glitch is a glitch that occurs in SSB where a player uses Mario, Samus, or Luigi's Up Special Move or the Mario Tornado on an unmoving opponent lying on a pile of Green Shells. This effectively gives the opponent 999% damage and, in the case of Mario's Up B, instantly K.O.'s the enemy.

How to preform the glitch



  • Maximum Green Shells that can be spawned


  • Any stage


Performing the Glitch

Start by getting close to the opponent while they are set on Stand. While the player is in front of your opponent, bring up the menu and spawn as many Green Shells as possible. Make sure they are very near to the opponent. Once they are spawned, use Mario's, Luigi's, or Samus' Up Special or Mario's Mario Tornado and Luigi's taunt and the game will have appeared to be frozen, but the sound of the game and from the attack progresses and the small circles still move away from your and your opponent. The damage will pile up to 999% and the Combo as well for time being the Green Shells are present. After a few minutes the Shells will start to disappear one by one. Once the last Shell is gone, the executed move will finish from the first frame of the attack onto the last frame. The aftermath of the attack onto the opponent with maximum damage will depend on the attack used on the opponent.



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