Green Greens (グリーングリーンズ, Green Greens) is a starting stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee and must be unlocked in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It will return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is also Kirby's home stage, and where the player faces him and his teammates in All-Star mode on this stage.

Stage description

The stage is made up of three floating islands. The island in the middle is the largest. There are two floating platforms over the middle island. The tree, Whispy Woods, in the middle of the middle island will occasionally blow gales of wind in a certain direction to disrupt the fight. Between the islands are blocks that stack up. You can break the blocks by attacking them. If you hit a bomb block, then there will be an explosion. The blocks will rebuild often after they are destroyed. Bomb blocks do 22% damage and have high knockback. The two islands to the left and right are somewhat small compared to middle island, and are usually where most of the fighting occurs.

Also, Whispy Woods will shake and drop apples from the tree. If players are on the middle section when this occurs, they will be damaged by them. Once on the ground, the apples can be one of two types of item: that which picked up and thrown at enemies, or a food item used to heal.


Whispy Woods as he appeared in Kirby Super Star.

Green Greens is the first level of Kirby's Dream Land. In Kirby's Dream Land star blocks are common small obstacles that could be used as a weapon or be destroyed and have appeared in numerous Kirby games ever since. One room of Kirby Super Star's The Great Cave Offensive features falling stars that turn into blocks. The falling stars can also cause damage if hit. The blocks also keep stacking up and can be destroyed. There are also star blocks in Kirby 64. On both sides of this stage there are falling blocks which is likely a reference to the falling stars in The Great Cave Offensive. Unlike the falling stars in Kirby Super Star the falling blocks don't damage players. The design of the star blocks resemble the star blocks in Kirby 64. In Kirby's Adventure there are bomb blocks when hit explode and cause a chain reaction to certain blocks. In Kirby Super Star the blocks are used in the same manner. The bomb blocks in this stage resemble the bomb blocks in Kirby Super Star, but the bombs don't cause a chain reaction; they just explode.

In Kirby's Dream Land the first boss is Whispy Woods who is an apple tree. Whispy Woods has also been the first boss in Kirby Super Star's Spring Breeze and many other games. In this stage Whispy Woods resembles the Kirby Super Star version of him. One of the attacks that Whispy Woods use is he sometime blows out puffs of air that would cause damage. In this stage Whispy Woods blows out air, but this does not cause damage. Another one of Whispy Woods' attacks is dropping apples that cause damage when hit. In this stage whispy Woods shakes the apples from him in a similar fashion to how he did it in Kirby 64. Just like in the Kirby games they cause damage if the player is hit by the apple. At the end of Kirby Super Star's Dyna Blade Kirby sees noisy and hungry baby birds. He then takes the birds to Whispy Woods and knocks apples out of the tree to feed them. In Melee's stage the apples can be used as food to refill the player's health. In Kirby 64's first world there are paths that the player has to follow. The path that is seen on this stage resembles the path in Kirby 64's first world. [1]

The music used for Green Greens is a mix of the first level of Kirby's Dreamland and the song used for the ending of Milky Way Wishes of Kirby Super Star. [2] The Green Greens part of the song also sounds very similar to The Great Cave Offensive's song Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise from Kirby Super Star. [3]


A few glitches can occur on this stage:

  • Though it is not known how it is accomplished. It causes the bomb blocks to explode forever, so after the initial explosion and the destruction of the bomb block, anything that touches the area the block was in is hit by an explosion, making it impossible for new blocks to fall and create a sturdy platform. This [4] shows the glitch.
  • Another causes Jigglypuff to "fall" eternally after any standard jump or double jump. There needs to be at least 2 blocks on top of each other. Jigglypuff can then jump into the blocks. It can be either in front of or behind Jigglypuff. As long as the direction is being held towards the blocks, Jigglypuff will retain the falling motion but not move downwards. Using any attack cancels this as it destroys the blocks. It can be redone once 2 blocks are again available.
  • Finally, if you use Olimar's Pikmin Throw on the side of the blocks (only red, white, and blue), they will spin continuously until the blocks get destroyed, or they latch onto an opponent. However, if you do this with three sets of Pikmin on the same group of blocks, the game will freeze.



  • Despite the Fantasy theme of the stage, the appearance of the heavy containers are the classic wooden ones.
  • Green Greens continues the Kirby traditions of having stars everywhere. There are star blocks, star patterns plastered over the stage and in the background, and there are islands shaped like stars in the ocean.
  • Although Whispy Woods' design is taken from Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star, his attacks are more like those of the Whispy Woods in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • Another glitch can occur. If you are below the floating islands and are about to grab a ledge and a block is about to fall on you, the character will repeatedly grab the ledge, fall for a split second, grab the ledge, fall, etc.
  • Yet another glitch can happen. If you are Jigglypuff, sitting below a block and you or someone else breaks Jigglypuff's shield, Jigglypuff with launch through the blocks above and die like normal. Trying to pass through the area above the blocks by jumping will give any characters fire damage, but will not harm any falling blocks.
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