Grappling Hook is Joker's Up Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Joker fires a grappling hook diagonally upwards to grab ledges or the opponent.


Joker will always launch Grappling Hook at the same angle, however by quickly inputting the opposite direction while initiating the move, Joker will fire in the opposite direction. It functions similarly to Isabelle's Fishing Rod, as it can grab opponents or items and pull them closer to Joker, or act as a Tether recovery and latch onto ledges. Grappling Hook does not put Joker into helpless if missed, allowing for multiple attempts. Joker may say, "There!", "You're mine!", or simply grunt while using Grappling Hook.

Grappling Hook is a good combo starter against aerial opponents and can confirm into some of Joker's aerials such as Forward Aerial and Up Aerial, as well as Up Tilt. However, unlike most tethers it functions as a projectile and therefore can be negated by a reflector move. Joker cannot also use Grappling Hook against shielding opponents as well unlike most command grabs, limiting its usage. As a recovery move its massive diagonal reach and speed enables Joker to recover from very far off-stage, though the diagonal angle makes horizontal recovery difficult.

Wings of Rebellion

Wings of Rebellion is Joker's Up Special Move when Arsene is present. Rather than using his grappling hook, Joker will ascend at a slight angle, or directly up if held backwards. The move grants Joker a significant amount of vertical distance for recovery, and upon startup Joker is invincible, making the recovery impossible to interrupt when initiated. However like the Power of Flight, Wings of Rebellion does not have an active hitbox or deal knockback. While using, Joker may shout, "Fly!"

As a recovery move, Wings of Rebellion grants Joker a more straightforward recovery at the expense of safety as its lack of a hitbox and linear path make it a rather predictable recovery to intercept; however, due to the distance it grants it can allow Joker to recover far off-stage, even horizontally where Joker would not be able to recover from without Arsene.

Joker's Special Moves
w/o Arsene with Arsene
Standard Special Gun Gun Special
Side Special Eiha Eigaon
Up Special Grappling Hook Wings of Rebellion
Down Special Rebel's Guard Tetrakarn/Makarakarn
Final Smash All-Out Attack


While the Grappling Hook is not a feature in Persona 5, it is seen when transitioning between menus in the game. The Grappling Hook seems to be a feature unique to Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced remake of Persona 5 that wasn't revealed yet at the time of Joker's release. Wings of Rebellion is also an original move, though it refers to Arsene's capability of flight, with its name referring to the phrase that is heard when Joker begins a new Confidant, namely that the bond that he forged "shall become the wings of rebellion that breaketh thy chains of captivity."

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