The Golden Hammer is an item in SSBB. It acts similarly to a regular Hammer, but improved in every way. It is more powerful, is swung faster, and can even let the user float in midair. However, it is exceptionally rare. A platform under it spawns first, and then it will spawn the Golden Hammer with a very distinct sound effect. Also, like the Hammer's Headless Hammer, the Golden Hammer can become the Golden Squeaky Hammer.

Golden Squeaky Hammer


Notice how Wario remains completely unaffected by the squeaky hammer.

The Golden Squeaky Hammer is an item in SSBB. Although indistinguishable from a normal Golden Hammer, it is completely useless in terms of attacking; instead of the usual heavy damage and knockback, it simply squeaks when it strikes a foe, causing no ill effect. This is the Golden Hammer's parallel to the normal Hammer's Headless Hammer. The squeaky hammer does grant the floating abilities of the normal hammer. If Kirby inhales a Golden Hammer, he will determine if it was Squeaky or not. If it was a Golden Squeaky Hammer, it makes a slight squeak sound when he inhales it.


Unlocking certain challenges will give players access to a limited supply of Golden Hammers to break some of the Challenge boxes. Although some of the challenges can be opened with a hammer, the hammer will sometimes be rejected, particularly on some of the more difficult challenges.

The item originated in the game Wrecking Crew.

Trophy Description

The Golden Hammer Trophy is obtained by hitting 45,000 ft. (15,000m PAL) combined distance with all fighter's Home-Run Contest records.

A hammer that glows with golden light. It's easier to swing than a normal hammer, and more powerful too. If you tilt the Control Stick and press the attack button repeatedly, you float in midair. It's a very powerful item, but one that rarely appears. There's also a Golden Squeaky Hammer that does absolutely no damage at all. It's what you would call a fake.

Wrecking Crew, 1985


  • The Golden Hammer is on a pedestal and players can walk on it. After the item is picked up, the pedestal disappears. However, sometimes it will turn red and stay there. This is also known as the Golden Hammer glitch.
  • The music that plays while holding the Golden Hammer is the same as the Power Up music at the Mario Bros. (stage)

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Squeaky Golden Hammer at 1:44 (Distinct noise can be heard)

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