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The Gold hoard, showing how much gold you have earned in Classic Mode. The higher, the better.

Gold is the currency used in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It can be earned in almost any Mode, with higher difficulties offering greater rewards. Gold can be used to buy trophies at the Trophy Shop.


Gold has different uses, but it is required to do tasks such as Classic Mode and Trophy Rush. Otherwise Gold is used to buy trophies in the Trophy shop (although they can also be bought with Play Coins).

In order to challenge more difficult intensities of Classic Mode, more Gold must be sacrificed. The higher the intensity the more Gold it costs to challenge, however, you can also earn more items (more Gold, Custom Parts, Trophies, etc.).

Gold is spent in Trophy Rush in order to increase the time allowed to play a match (max amount of time is 2:30).

Obtaining Gold

Gold can be obtained many ways. Below is a list of ways you can earn Gold:

  • Playing Classic mode (beating enemies, collecting Gold on the routes, getting Gold from the roulette, or from the Credits; 1 Gold for every 1% completed)
    • Higher level intensities of Classic mode earn you considerably more Gold
  • Playing Smash mode (offline or online)
    • You can also get Gold from letting Amiibos play in these modes
      • In order to collect Gold from Amiibos go into Games & More, Amiibos, and then place your Amiibo and receive the awards (which will include Trophies, Custom Parts, and Gold)
  • Playing Trophy Rush
    • Coin Blocks will fall and earn 1 Gold per Coin Block broken
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