Glunder (ガルサンダー, Galthunder in Japan) is an enemy in the Subspace Emissary mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and as an enemy in Smash Run. Glunders look like black tires that roll along floors, walls, and ceilings. (However, they never stop rolling if left alone, which often defeats them during locked battles.) If a Fighter is close by, a Glunder will stand still, open up, and let loose with a flash of electricity. The attack hits several times and is difficult to escape; the last hit has decent knockback. The Glunders also look like the explosives in the original Super Smash Bros in the 1-P game stage race to the finish.

Trophy Description

Glunder Trophy

An enemy that separates into three parts, then blasts enemies with a high-tension current it produces within its body. When it's ready to attack, it will make a "Bzzt!" sound and produce a lightning flash. When this happens, approach with caution. This enemy type is color coded--Glires are red, Glices are blue, and Glunders are yellow. It's a family of destruction!

This rotating enemy likes to follow the terrain. The yellow one is called Glunder. Whenever a fighter gets too close, it'll release a blast of lightning. One hit isn't too bad, but taking several will really leave you hurting. Best to try to take this thing out from a safe distance.

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