Gigaslash is the Dragon Quest Hero's Final Smash for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It comes from Dragon Quest VIII.


Once the Final Smash is activated, the Hero will perform an uppercut slash. If the attack connects, a cinematic cutscene will play. The Hero summons the other Heroes from the Dragon Quest franchise, who will then charge up their swords with energy that shoots in the air. Afterwards, the Hero will perform a final massive slash that knocks away the trapped opponent(s).

Hero's Special Moves
Standard Special Frizz Frizzle Kafrizz
Side Special Zap Zapple Kazap
Up Special Woosh Swoosh Kaswoosh
Down Special Command Selection
Sizz Sizzle Oomph
Psyche Up Bounce Heal
Flame Slash Kacrackle Slash Acceleratle
Bang Kaboom Snooze
Hatchet Man Whack Thwack
Zoom Kaclang Metal Slash
Magic Burst Kamikazee Hocus Pocus
Final Smash Gigaslash
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