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[[Image:Bowser_070704b.jpg|250px|thumb|right|Giga Bowser]]
'''Giga Bowser Transformation''' is [[Bowser (SSBB)|Bowser]]'s [[Final Smash]] in ''[[SSBB]]''. It causes him to turn into [[Giga Bowser]] from Melee, gaining immense strength.
'''Giga Bowser Transformation''' is [[Bowser|Bowser's]] [[Final Smash]] move. After grabbing a [[Smash ball|Smash Ball]], Bowser transforms into the much larger, much more fearsome [[Giga Bowser]]. While in this state, Bowser will not flinch from attacks, and will severely weaken, or completely negate, damage caused by enemy attacks. Bowser himself doesn't gain any new abilities while Giga Bowser, but, rather, his original moves become greatly enhanced. Bowser will revert back to his original state after about 10 seconds.
[[Category:Final Smashes]]
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[[Category:Final smashes]]

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Giga Bowser Transformation is Bowser's Final Smash in SSBB. It causes him to turn into Giga Bowser from Melee, gaining immense strength.

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