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This page is about the boss Giant Kirby in Super Smash Bros. Melee, not Kirby with a Super Mushroom.

Giant Kirby is a boss enemy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, who will only appear if one defeats the Kirby team in Adventure Mode in under 30.99 seconds. He is fought on Stage 5 of Adventure Mode (Green Greens) and is a completely optional boss. He drops on the second floating platform with a slightly deepened boing sound into a crouching state. He quickly stands up straight and curves his neutrally positioned mouth into a small smile. The player can be seen in the lower-left region of the screen when Giant Kirby makes his cinematic Adventure Mode entrance. Even though he has already made his entrance on to the stage, the match starts with both the player and Giant Kirby both spawning in the same Super Smash Bros. Melee manner. He is slightly larger than a regular Kirby with a Super Mushroom. He is a little heavier and stronger than Kirby, and if a regular pink Kirby is challenging him, he will be yellow. If one defeats him, one gets the bonus award, Giant Kirby KO, which awards 10,000 extra points. Giant Kirby also appears as a common enemy in Classic Mode in Brawl. It is possible that Giant Kirby may be a nudge to Giant Donkey Kong. In The Subspace Emissary, there is an evil Giant Diddy Kong, which may be the successor to them both. Giant Kirby's moveset is the same as Kirby's, but his recovery is better. He is also heavier, thus harder to KO, especially on Very Hard mode, where his Damage Ratio is 0.5.


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