Template:Character Ganondorf (Japanese:ガノンドロフ, Ganondorofu) is the main villain of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Mainly in all the other Zelda games, he is in his other form that resembles a large warthog or pig. SSBM marks the first time that Ganondorf has been playable. He is an unlockable character that challenges the player after beating Triforce Gathering. He is also unlockable by playing 600 vs. matches.

Ganondorf is considered a slow but tough and hard-hitting character. He is very heavy and has a long recovery, and his attacks have very high knockback. On the flipside, he's a big, slow target and is easily combo'd and bogged down by fast attacks.

Although Ganondorf is officially considered a clone, he is actually more of a Luigified Captain Falcon, as several of his attacks are different.

Pros & Cons


  • High range and priority
  • one of the best aerial games
  • uair reverse spike is one of the best edgeguards
  • Extremely powerful attacks
  • Long horizontal recovery
  • Up and down throws are excellent launchers
  • Good edge-guarder
  • Heavy weight
  • Can moonwalk


  • Slow dash and run
  • Easily comboed/chain-grabbed
  • Huge target
  • Very easily edge-guarded recovery
  • No projectile


Ganondorf's horizontal recovery, if performed correctly, greatly contributes to the character as a whole. Simply using the double jump followed by the triple jump is the common approach to recovery for most characters, but for Ganondorf, if down B is performed after the double jump, Ganondorf can perform the double jump again. This combination can be done multiple times in a row, but using down B forces Ganondorf down at the cost of vertical recovery. In most recovery situations, it is ideal for Ganondorf to perform a double jump, followed by down B, followed by another double jump, and finally the triple jump.

Ganondorf's triple jump places him in a very vulnerable position when being edge guarded. Many attacks from numerous characters will hit Ganondorf while he's in his triple jump animation. Since Ganondorf is such a large target, it makes it even easier to edge guard Ganondorf in this way. Attacks that turn the opponent around, like Mario's forward B (cape), will almost 100% of the time result in a KO on Ganondorf, because he cannot perform any kind of jump after the triple jump animation. To avoid this when versing Mario and the like, Ganondorf can usually recover using his air dodge instead of his triple jump, as long as he is close enough and does not need to travel as vertical to recover.

Aiming to grab the ledge on a recovery can be difficult for Ganondorf, but is another alternative to facing edge guarders. If Ganondorf precisely grabs the edge, then recovery can be completed by choosing to either roll onto the stage (hitting L or R), jumping high into the air over the stage (hitting X, Y, or up on the joystick), or by using his kick, punch, or standing recovery (hitting A, B, or slightly up on the joystick).

Spike Attacks

Ganondorf has a series of spikes at his disposal which help make him an even fiercer opponent to face. Most spikes are often aerial A moves, but in the case of Ganondorf, he has both aerial A and B attacks that can send an opponent to an early KO.

Spike/Meteors and Description

Also referred to as the stomp. Both feet are thrust under Ganondorf, and on contact, the opponent receives an electrical shock animation. If the opponent is on the ground, they are shot upward very fast, which can be DI'ed left or right. If in the air, the attack sends the opponent straight down very fast. The attack can be used multiple times over to combo opponents with low percentage, but requires the ability to shffl, and tech chase. This is a meteor, and although it is difficult, the opponent can meteor cancel and recover.

Ganondorf dair hitbox

Ganondorf's Down Aerial

  • Frame Data:
  • Total time: 44 frames
  • Hits on frames 16-20
  • IASA frame 38
  • Landing before frame 3 or after frame 36 of this attack causes the move to auto cancel
  • Lag when landing: 35 frames
  • Lag when landing (l-canceled): 17 frames

Surprisingly Ganondorf's up A attack can be used to spike an opponent very effectively. The attack has very high priority, so if done correctly, it greatly contributes to Ganondorf players. Ganondorf does a backflip that resembles a flash kick in actual martial arts. One foot is extended during the flip, that creates a hitbox about 200 degrees in rotation around Ganondorf. Ganondorf must be facing away from the opponent, and hit the opponent with the top of his extended foot. There is little knockback, but considerable stun for the amount of damage the attack actually does. As an added bonus, this move is extremely hard to walltech. Something about the physics just makes it next to impossible to tech.

Also used to regain the double jump while recovering, Ganondorf's down B (also known as The Mexican truck) will spike an opponent if connected in air. Ganondorf extends one foot and travels diagonally down accompanied by a cloud of purple energy. The opponent receives an animation of cloudy purple energy when damaged by this attack. The attack itself puts Ganondorf in an inconvenient position to recover, so it is much inferior to dair and uair. Ganondorf can still double jump and triple jump, so it is slightly better than spiking with forward B. This is a spike, not a meteor, so the opponent cannot 'cancel' the attack.

Ganondorf stops falling completely, and stretches forward, almost as if flying for a brief second. If connected with an opponent, Ganondorf again stops in air, and bashes the opponent down with his fist, accompanied by a cloud of purple energy. The opponent receives an animation of cloudy purple energy, and is thrust straight down. This move, like Ganondorf's down B, puts Ganondorf in an odd position to recover. Unlike down B, Ganondorf cannot double or triple jump, and cannot grab an edge immediately after either. This is a meteor, so the opponent can meteor-cancel and recover.

Home Run Contest

Bat drop: Do a full jump above the sandbag, at the peak of your jump, drop the bat, and do a dair (Down+A in the air). Does around 39%.

Double Jump Bat Drop: First to a full jump, then do a double jump. IMMEDIATELY , right after you start the jump, let go of the bat, then do a fast falled ADA.

Reverse Warlock Punch: Go to the right side of the stand bag(Not laying on the ground, laying vertically up). Do a full jump above the right edge of the sandbag, then do a double jump, IMMEDIATELY after you do it, throw the bat up, tap left, then start a Warlock Punch. The bat will knock the Sandbag into your punch, and it mysteriously send the bag farther and faster than normally. The chances of this happening are somewhat random, and harder to do if the sandbag is at a higher percent.

Also, you may just do a 1 full jump instead and throw the bat up, and tap left then start the Warlock Punch, but you need to be faster, as the Warlock Punch needs to be started in the air.

Tied with Ice Climbers for the World Record.

One of the suggested Methods to get a decent score:

  • Grab the Bat.
  • Uncharged Upsmash.
  • Turn right, then jump backwards, to the right edge of the sandbag while it is still in mid air, and do a double jump bat drop.
  • 3 more bat drop+ Down A
  • Reverse Warlock Punch.

This will result in 5,500 ft from the center of the platform.

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