The mask of a Gamyga.

A Gamyga is one of the members of the Subspace Army. A Gamyga has a mask and four Gamyga bases beneath it for support. It has one attack, in which it closes its eyes and shoots three multi-color lasers toward the player's direction. Gamyga bases have two eyes on them with two small arms. The arms do not do any harm, as they provide support for the Gamyga mask. On lower difficulties, it is easy to destroy the bases and then attack Gamyga itself. However, at higher difficulties, it becomes harder to do so with Gamyga firing its lasers. Gamyga is temporarily stunned when you attack it's head, so focus on the head and prevent it from getting a chance to attack. Alternatively, it's laser attack can be reflected back at it. In order to turn Gamyga into a Trophy, you need to get rid of it's bases first.

Trophy Description

A Subspace Army enemy that looks like an avant-garde work of art from some young art-school grad. And its size is nothing to scoff at--sitting on top of a four-level Gamyga base is a huge Gamyga mask. You can eliminate the Gamyga base simply by beating the Gamyga mask. A Gamyga faces the screen, but it never takes its eyes off you. Ooh, an artsy kind of way.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


  • The Wilds (West)
  • The Path to the Ruins
  • Outside the Ancient Ruins
  • Great Maze
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