A Gamyga (ギャムギャ Gyamugya, Ghamgha in Japan) is one of the members of the Subspace Army, and first appears in the Path to the Ruins level. A Gamyga has a mask and four bases beneath it for support. It has one attack, in which it closes its eyes and shoots several multi-color lasers homing the player's direction, dealing severe knockback. Gamyga bases have two eyes on them with two small arms. The arms do not do any damage to characters, despite providing support for the Gamyga mask. If the Gamyga Mask is destroyed directly, all of the Gamyga Bases will be destroyed along with it.

On lower difficulties, it is easy to destroy the bases and then attack Gamyga itself. However, at higher difficulties, it becomes harder to do so with Gamyga firing its lasers immediately upon springing up, and the rate of fire increases dramatically. Gamyga is temporarily stunned when its head is attacked, so focus on the head and prevent it from getting a chance to attack. Alternatively, its laser attack can be reflected back at it. To get a trophy of it, the bases must be destroyed before the Trophy Stand is tossed at its mask. A trophy stand thrown at one of its bases will disappear, regardless of how much HP the base has.

Trophy Description

A Subspace Army enemy that looks like an avant-garde work of art from some young art-school grad. And its size is nothing to scoff at--sitting on top of a four-level Gamyga base is a huge Gamyga mask. You can eliminate the Gamyga bases simply by beating the Gamyga mask. A Gamyga faces the screen, but it never takes its eyes off you. Ooh, an artsy kind of way.


There is a glitch that occasionally happens when attacking many parts of the Gamyga at once. Sometimes, the player will destroy every part of the Gamyga, but the bottom base will be left on the ground, still wiggling, as though ready to attack the player. However, it is unable to do so, as the mask is the only part that attacks the players.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Trophy Description

These tall, tower-like things first showed up as enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The head is really the main part of its body, with the other four components acting as bases. You could always take the head out first, but if you are height challenged, you can attack the bases first.


  • Difficulty notwithstanding, Falcon Punch, Warlock Punch, Judgement (only on 9) and a fully charged Oil Panic or Giant Punch are the only move that can destroy all the bases in one hit.
  • The lasers Gamyga shoot can be reflected and absorbed.
  • The bases look like Gyroids from Animal Crossing.