Galaxia Darkness is Meta Knight's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. When used, Meta Knight swings his cape out directly in front of him while shouting "Know my power!" or "Behold....". If he misses with his cape, Meta Knight pauses for a brief time, and the Final Smash fails. When it connects (the trapping hitbox is the area where the sparkles appear), characters trapped by Meta Knight's cape become invincible, but trapped at the spot where they were caught by the hitbox. The screen then darkens to black, and after a few seconds, a gigantic, single slash appears near Meta Knight, as he then cleaves the trapped opponents with one, powerful strike. When Meta Knight slashes, he either swings upward or performs a standard slash.

Kirby, being engulfed in Meta Knight's cape at the beginning of the attack.

However, this does not affect the attack's strength, for the characters who were trapped by Meta Knight's cape always receive 40% to 42% damage and high, upwards knockback and can KO at 50%. Any opponents who are not trapped are also attacked, but instead take about half damage and weak, upwards knockback. Super Armor is ignored in this Final Smash. Oddly enough, this can affect teammates even when Friendly Fire is disabled.

Galaxia Darkness was replaced by Darkness Illusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Trophy Info

The Galaxia Darkness Trophy

Meta Knight's Final Smash. He flips his cape, and the darkness within envelops his foes and plunges the world into shadow. He then unleashes a series of sword strikes that do terrible damage and launch his foes. In the darkness, Meta Knight can also reach and attack distant enemies. One can imagine Meta Knight zipping back and forth at high speed to accomplish this.


  • The title Galaxia is the name of Meta Knight's sword in the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. In the games, its name is rarely mentioned, though it was known as Master in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. However, given that the game in question was the last one to use a more simplistic, spikeless design for his sword, it's possible that Galaxia is a different sword entirely.
  • The cape actually has a small hitbox just behind Meta Knight, about the length of his sword. As a result, he can hit people behind him when the Final Smash is starting up.
  • If Meta Knight captures one of the Ice Climbers in his Final Smash, but misses the leader Ice Climber, and the leader Ice Climber gets KO'ed, or SD's, the other Ice Climber, despite having Invincibility frames from returning to the stage, will get hit anyway.
  • Galaxia Darkness is one of the four Final Smashes that can affect a team player. End of Day, Landmaster, and Puff Up share this trait.
  • If Meta Knight uses his Final Smash on a character firing a Super Scope, the character that was firing it will stand in a more progressed blind position, or holding their arms out in a "T", just like with the moveset swap hack.
  • If Meta Knight uses Galaxia Darkness on Kirby using Stone, then he will be seen in the T pose for the duration of the Final Smash. This is similar to what will happen if Captain Falcon's Final Smash was used on Kirby's Stone move.
  • If Meta Knight uses Galaxia Darkness on King Dedede using Jet Hammer, King Dedede will be in the same pose, but his hammer will not have the jet effect.
  • One of Meta Knight's Special Moves in Kirby: Planet Robobot's extra mode, Meta Knightmare Returns, is a modified version of this attack. It costs 18 Meta Points and hits all enemies that are parallel with Meta Knight for heavy damage.


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