"Galaga Medley" is a music track that features a mashup of various tracks and sound effects from Galaga into one arrangement. This track was composed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and was revealed on July 31st on the Super Smash Blog. This track plays on Pac-Land as with all other Pac-Man music tracks.


The jingles remixed in "Galaga Medley" are from the arcade version as it was considered to be one of the most popular and successful games during the golden era of arcade video games.

The song's arrangement supervisor Yusuke Takahama, is a freelance composer, sound designer, and sound producer who composed music for arcade titles and home consoles. Even though he has been arranging remixes for Smash Bros. since Brawl, he only truly begins to shine his sound programming talents with "Galaga Medley" (as well as "Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr. Medley") by ripping the sound effects from Galaga and using them as a beat whereas his previous arrangements were straightforward remixes of the originals.

Tracks used

Song titles listed are conjectural.

The medley begins with a remix of the jingle when a game has been started that loops four times. Afterwards, the song goes into a short segment where a bunch of various sound effects from Galaga play.

The track then transitions to a remix of the "Fighter Captured" jingle. This remix is looped eight times where the seventh and eighth loops are remixed to closely resemble the in-game jingle. After the eighth loop, the track transitions to another segments of various sound effects before going into another remix of the "Fighter Captured" jingle.

An extended rock remix of the jingle that plays when a challenge stage is perfected then plays.

The track finally ends with a remix of the "Name Entry" jingle (specifically the version that plays for a new high-score for first place) where it loops twice, the second loop adding a backbeat to closely resemble that of the original's. The track loops back to the "Stage Intro" jingle, omitting the first loop.

Track name Original track Smash Bros. remix
Stage Intro
Fighter Captured

Challenge Stage Perfect
Name Entry (1st)



  • Takahama could have either used the "Fighter Captured" or "Fighter Rescued" sfx as they both share the same jingle, however he most likely referred to former as the iconic jingle is more associated to when a fighter ship is captured by Galaga, even being heard when the Boss Galaga item captures a fighter and is absent when the fighter is freed.
  • On August 7th, 2018, Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. YouTube channel accidentally briefly renamed the title of "Galaga Medley" to "Bloody Tears / Monster Dance", leaking Simon and Richter as playable characters the day before the reveal trailer for them would be released. This mistake resulted in the channel renaming all music previews with numbers.
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