Frizz functions like an auto-charging special, meaning that Hero charges it automatically without holding the button, and its full charge can be stored and used by pressing the Special button again at any time. While charging, the orange aura around Hero's hand indicates the current spell, and upon casting the MP cost of each spell will take effect. However, if Hero doesn't possess sufficient MP, Hero will cast the animation with no effect, though the charge is kept if it was fully charged.


Frizz is used when Hero releases the move uncharged, costing 6 MP. Hero simply throws a small fireball forward. It is the quickest variant to release, though it deals little damage or knockback, loses power the further it travels and is also the smallest variation which can be cancelled out easily, making it only useful for quickly relieving pressure off opponents. It has very little range.


Frizzle is used when Hero releases the move semi-charged, costing 16 MP. Hero casts two fireballs that intertwine with each other while traveling. It possesses more power and speed than Frizz, and has a higher priority and larger hitbox, making it more effective at pressuring opponents at mid-range and challenging other projectiles.


Kafrizz is the final variation used when Hero releases the move fully charged, costing 36 MP. Hero casts a massive fireball forward similarly to Charge Shot. Due to its power and size, as well as its ability to deal multiple hits, Kafrizz is an effective finisher and KO option, though it is the slowest to cast, making it easily reflected and punished. The fireball can also be dodged with relative ease as it's not very fast.

Hero's Special Moves
Standard Special Frizz Frizzle Kafrizz
Side Special Zap Zapple Kazap
Up Special Woosh Swoosh Kaswoosh
Down Special Command Selection
Sizz Sizzle Oomph
Psyche Up Bounce Heal
Flame Slash Kacrackle Slash Acceleratle
Bang Kaboom Snooze
Hatchet Man Whack Thwack
Zoom Kaclang Metal Slash
Magic Burst Kamikazee Hocus Pocus
Final Smash Gigaslash