Freeze Glitch

Note the number of hits.

The Freeze glitch is a glitch unique to the Ice Climbers in Super Smash Bros. Melee discovered by Philly Billy. It is caused by performing a grab with the secondary Ice Climber and doing a side special attack into the character being grabbed. This glitch is banned in tournament play. There is also a Barrel Cannon glitch which is a type of freeze glitch in which the opponent must be frozen and then thrown into a Barrel Cannon to take multiple damage.



  • Screw Attack (if the player accidentally traps the target in a block of ice by using a Freezie or B attacking, this will "unfreeze" them from the ice block).


  • There are no stage requirements, but it is easier to do it on a flat stage that does not move.


  1. The player must start by grabbing the opponent with the secondary Ice Climber (this can be done far more easily in Training Mode by slowing down the game speed).
  2. Next, the player needs to quickly do a side special to the grabbed opponent.
  3. If done correctly, the opponent becomes frozen from the grab.
  4. Once the opponent is "frozen", they remain in the same place, no matter how high their damage gets, until the player, or another character grabs and throws them.


  • While a character is frozen, they do not respond and cannot attack.
  • If the opponent is hit up or down while frozen, they slowly move in that direction and may disable the player by grabbing and releasing them from the glitch.
  • On the Corneria and Venom stages, the frozen character floats around the stage until the glitch is fixed by being grabbed.
  • If a frozen character gets out of the screen, he does not become defeated nor comes back on the stage. This might happen in stages such as Corneria and Venom, as well as moving stages. It can also happen if a Barrel Cannon is thrown on the frozen character.
  • If this is used in Training Mode, it is possible to get infinite combos.


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