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Following in his father's footsteps, Fox McCloud is the young leader of the Star Fox Team. With his trusty blaster, he plunges head-first into battle.
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Fox McCloud (フォックス・マクラウド, Fox McCloud) is the main character from the Star Fox series and a starting character in all five Super Smash Bros. games. Fox appears in Super Smash Bros. as a speedy but weak character.

He currently ranks 4th on the tier list due to his speed, which is unmatched in almost every aspect. Many of his attacks tend to have less knockback than other characters. However, this gives him excellent comboing abilities, good stunner attacks (Blaster and Reflector), and good recovery. As a result, he also is good at edge-guarding.


SSB64 Fox

Fox is a character who is all about speed. He has the second fastest dashing speed (second only to Captain Falcon), third fastest air speed (behind Yoshi and Pikachu), the third fastest falling speed, a fast roll, and generally very fast attacks in terms of both startup and ending lag. Fox also has a good and useful short hop, which he can easily perform z-cancelled aerials out of quickly. Fox can sometimes have trouble KOing because the majority of his attacks have low knockback, excluding his up smash and up aerial, which he sometimes relies on for KO'ing onstage. This problem is bigger against characters with strong vertical endurance, such as Captain Falcon and other Foxes. The up smash can easily KO most characters under around 90% (KOs at 76% on Dream Land), and can be combo'd into in a variety of ways, such as the using a Z-cancelled down aerial (which can be used during aerial approaches), or the first hit of his jab, then using the move while the opponent is in hitstun. The up aerial is mainly used as an aerial combo finisher, but can be used on its own as an effective aerial finisher. However, the generally low knockback of Fox's attacks means that he has amazing combo potential, having the ability to zero-death many other characters. Both Fox's forward and back throws can additionally chaingrab at very low percentages and combo into moves such as dash attack, short hop laser, or short hop double laser. Additionally, though Fox can have trouble KOing onstage, he does have a strong edgeguarding ability. His forward and back aerials can easily be used in offstage aerial combos or combo'd into from a move such as an up tilt at certain percentages, and his neutral aerial is a pretty powerful aerial when it first comes out. He also has two effective semi-spikes - down smash (best used near the edge), and his shine (which allows the shine spike technique, and can also be used just after an edge drop to cover the area around Fox).

Fox's Blaster is an extremely useful projectile that covers a very large distance and causes opponents to flinch. This allows him to combo from a considerable distance (as it will stun the opponent, and Fox's very fast dashing speed allows him to get to them quickly). Due to its hitstun, it can prevent enemy approaches, and it can also be used while approaching to give the opponent a hard time. Fox can use the Blaster to easily and effectively camp. His Reflector is also a reliable way to deal with projectiles and projectile camping from opponents.

On the downside, Fox has problems with his recovery like many characters in the game. His fast falling speed and predictable and linear recovery make him easy to edgeguard and combo offstage into a meteor smash or powerful aerial finisher. His primary recovery move, Fire Fox, additionally requires charge-up time, and cannot damage opponents during that time, leaving Fox vulnerable; it is also possible to hit him out of the move using a projectile such as Thunder Jolt to gimp him repeatedly. With the correct timing, hitting him out of Fire Fox while moving is also possible. Fox's aforementioned problems with recovering also put him in a bad position when too far offstage, so he must be careful when combo'ing offstage against characters who are able to fight back easily such as Pikachu and Mario. Fox is also vulnerable to combos that work on fastfallers, but due to his average weight, he is conversely resistant to combos effective on lightweights.

In Doubles

Fox is considered to be slightly worse in doubles than singles as it is more difficult to laser camp and put opponents in poor positions to start combos, one of his main strengths in singles. Fox's recovery is an issue and the fact that he has a problem gimping unless close to the edge is also a weakness. If he gets the chance, however, Fox is one of the better characters at starting combos. He is considered a good combo with Ness, as Fox can laser Ness's PSI Magnet to help him recover damage. Fox is an overwhelm based character in teams, helping his partner combo, and using an up smash or up aerial to KO. Fox is also a great team partner for Pikachu and Captain Falcon due to his aerials and up smash being able to mix very well with Pikachu's recovery and Falcon's air game and combo ability.


  Image Name Damage Description
Neutral attack Fox Neutral attack SSB 3-4%Two jab attacks that transitions into a flurry of rapid kicks. The hitstun of the first jab can lead into an up smash for a KO.
1% (loop)
Forward tiltFox Forward tilt SSB 8-11%A fast but somewhat short-ranged front kick attack that is good for spacing or leading into a wall combo. This attack can be aimed up or down.
Up tilt Fox Up tilt SSB 7-9%Fox kicks vertically upwards. While this makes it more of a close-up move, it is extremely useful as it can chain into itself, knocks the foe into the air leading into many air combos, and is the center of most of Fox's combos.
Down tilt Fox Down tilt SSB 9-12%Fox spins around while crouching, using his tail to sweep the opponent. This attack can be used in a combo as it pops the opponent into the air.
Dash attack Fox Dash attack SSB 8-10% (clean), 6-7% (late)Fox runs and does a flying jump kick attack at the opponent. This attack can either combo into an up tilt, leading into another combo, or a forward smash, which is effective near the edge.
Forward smash Fox Forward smash SSB 13-17% (clean), 10-13% (late)Fox jumps forward, delivering a spinning dropkick attack.
Up smash Fox Up smash SSB 12-16% (clean), 6-8% (late)Fox performs a fast flipkick attack that contains high vertical KO power.
Down smash Fox Down smash SSB 11-14%Fox performs a slitkick attack that hits on both sides simultaneously. Launches opponents on a semi-spike trajectory, an effective edge-guarding move.
Neutral aerial Fox Neutral aerial SSB 11-14% (clean), 7-9% (late)Fox sticks one leg out while airborne, being a sex kick attack. This move comes out quickly and has good range, being a great move for both KOing and edge-guards.
Forward aerial Fox Forward aerial SSB 9-12% (clean), 6-8% (late)Fox does a feet-first spiraling kick forward with an identical animation to his forward smash.
Back aerial Fox Back aerial SSB 9-12% (clean rear), 6-8% (late rear), 6-8% (front)Fox quickly stick one foot out behind him. Another sex kick that doesn't deal as much knockback as his neutral aerial, making it more of a comboing move than a finisher.
Up aerial Fox Up aerial SSB 12-15% if both hits connectFox performs a backwards flipkick attack with both legs that's a great vertical finisher and a good juggling move.
Down aerial Fox Down aerial SSB Up to 14%Fox spins and stick one foot out to perform a spinning drill kick attack that hits multiple times.
Grab Fox Grab SSB  
Forward throw Fox Forward throw SSB 9-12%Fox throws the opponent forward with good KO power.
Back throw Fox Back throw SSB 12-15% (throw), 8-10% (collateral)Fox rolls backward and kicks the opponent off him.
Floor attack (front) Fox Floor attack (front) SSB 5-6%Fox gets up and kicks on both sides.
Floor attack (back) Fox Floor attack (back) SSB 5-6%Fox punches forward, then kicks behind him.
Edge attack (fast) Fox Edge attack (fast) SBB 3-4%Fox flips back to the stage and dropkicks onto the opponent.
Edge attack (slow) Fox Edge attack (slow) SBB 3-4%Fox slowly climbs up and hammers one foot at the opponent.
Neutral special Blaster (SSB)Blaster5-6% per laserFox fires one laser form his blaster at the opponent. The laser deals some hitstun on opponents, allowing some follow-ups, and making the move excellent for stopping opponent approaches. Fox fires at a slightly faster rate while airborne.
Up special Fire Fox (SSB)Fire Fox12-16%Fox charges up before firing off in a direction that can be aimed with the control stick
Down special Reflector (SSB)Reflector4-5%Fox generates an energy field that reflects incoming projectiles back at the user with greater speed and power. As an attack, it sends opponents on a semi-spike trajectory, has set knockback, and is fast, making it useful for edgeguarding.


  • If facing left, Fox crosses his arms, looks toward the player and makes a "hmph" sound. If facing right, the posture is reversed so that Fox looks away from the player. (This posture returns in a slightly altered form as one of Fox's victory poses in Melee onwards Vs. battles.)

On-Screen Appearance


Super Smash Bros. Character Matchups

In 1P Game

In the game's single-player mode, Fox is the third character the player battles, in which they must face him on Sector Z.

Combos, Tactics, and Tricks

Down Tilt/Up Tilt/Jab

The Down Tilt, Up Tilt, and Jab are great ways to start combos. It is very effective (and common) to either perform a Z-canceled Down Aerial into a Down/Up Tilt or a jab, or perform a Down/Up Tilt or a Jab into a Down Aerial and repeat the combo. If using the Down Tilt, the SHZADA (Short Hopped Z-canceled Aerial Down Aerial) will still be able to combo the opponent until the opponent's percentage is ~40%; the Down Tilt can still be chainesd the DTilt into a full hopped ADA from there until the percentage is ~100%. Also, an Up Tilt is typically used to chain itself again and again until ~70%, in which the opponent can escape (light characters can escape earlier). A Jab is typically used at ~90% to send the opponent in the air a short distance and then finish them off with a Down Smash (at ~90%), Up Smash (at ~100%), and Forward Smash (at ~120%).

Off-the-Wall Chaingrabs

Conventional chaingrabbing doesn't exist in Super Smash Bros., due to the high knockback of the grabs; however, certain characters can use the wall to repeatedly grab the opponent. Fox can do this very easily to several characters on Hyrule Castle. This tactic involves grabbing when one is slightly left of the structure on the far right side of the stage, bouncing the character off the side of the elevated area, using a short hop Z-canceled Down Aerial, grabbing, etc.

Short Hop Double Laser

Main article: Short Hop Laser

If one's reflexes allow it, one can use Fox's laser twice in a short hop. This is useful for one's approach and counter-approach. Also, unlike in SSBM, Fox's lasers stun and do 6% damage, falling down to 5% after repeated use (compared to Melee's 3% down to 1% after repeated use).

Shine Canceling

In Super Smash Bros., Fox's Reflector cannot be jump canceled. Instead, one can cancel the Shine by landing during it (sometimes referred to as land-canceling). This is done by jumping and then using the Shine, but enough altitude must be gained so that the Shine's attack frames come out before landing.

Character description

Following his dead father's footsteps as the young leader of the Star Fox Team, Fox McCloud's piloting of the super-high-performance combat ship ARWING for the Lylatian System is still fresh in our memories. His one weakness may be his difficulty earning the trust of his teammates.

Alternate Costumes


Fox's changeable clothing in Super Smash Bros.


  • Fox is one of only two character in the first Super Smash Bros. game to have never been portrayed by a live actor. The other is Ness.
  • His Neutral Attack combo's kick barrage bears a striking resemblance to Lightning Kick, from Street Fighter.
  • Fox is the only character in the game to have a victory pose as a taunt as well.
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