Announced at E3 2001, Fourside (フォーサイド, Fourside) is an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, unlocked by playing 100 battles in Vs. mode. It is also Ness's home stage, but you face Pichu and its teammates here in All-Star mode. The stage returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

All of the pits in this stage minus the farthest left and right ones are narrow, providing wall jumpers a decent advantage.

Stage description

The stage consists of three buildings. The building on the far left is slanted, so items tend to roll off. The Monotoli Building, in the middle, is split into three parts: the top, two small ledges on either side in the middle, and a semi-long edge on the right. Like in the original game, the building has "Monotoli" in yellow capital letters traveling down its side. The building on the far right is the shortest one with a flat surface. On the far left building, which appears to be based on the Dinosaur Museum, there is a crane with a platform attached to it. It will move to the left a little and over the center of the building.

The Monotoli Building also houses a helipad and its associated yellow helicopter, which occasionally leaves and returns to its helipad.


A UFO appearing in Fourside in Melee.

UFOs will occasionally descend into Fourside, serving as hovering platforms. They use ice terrain, and are therefore very slippery. They have green lights on the bottom, and the noise they make when entering the stage is similar to the sound effect used in the title screen of EarthBound when the attack scene fades in.

Fourside is often banned in tournament play, largely due to Peach's ability to stall by using Peach Bomber repeatedly in a pit, as well as other ways to camp and stall due to the large size of the stage.


Fourside as it originally appeared in EarthBound.

This stage is from Earthbound. Fourside is a major city that Ness has to venture through. The mayor of Fourside, Geldegarde Monotoli, lives in the Monotoli Building which is the tallest building in Fourside. The Monotoli Building features yellow text going down the tower that say "Monotoli". In this stage in Melee, the Monotoli Building is the center building and looks somewhat similar to how it was designed in EarthBound and the yellow text saying "Monotoli" is retained. The Monotoli Building in EarthBound also has a helipad that had Geldegarde's yellow helicopter on it.

The opening image of EarthBound featuring the flying saucers.

After the company logos are shown in the opening of EarthBound, there is a "UFO" sound effect and the game displays an image of three large flying saucers attacking a small town. This is the only time these flying saucers appear in EarthBound as they are never seen in any other part of the game (while there are smaller enemies that are flying saucers in both Mother and EarthBound, these enemies do not look like the large flying saucers seen in this opening). In this stage, the flying saucers that appeared in the opening also appear in this stage and as the saucers enter the stage the same "UFO" sound can be heard from EarthBound's opening.

The music heard on Fourside is a remix of the song that plays on Fourside in EarthBound (which is EarthBound's song "Because I Love You"), combined with the sound effects of caves and strange locations mixed with an excerpt of the song used in EarthBound's Lava Spring [1], followed then by the first four melodies of EarthBound's eight melodies (which is called "Smiles and Tears")[2]

Trophy description

The UFO trophy is obtained by unlocking by unlocking the stage Fourside:

UFO trophy (SSBM).jpg
At the beginning of EarthBound, this flying saucer appears along with the ominous message, "The War Against Giygas!" Adding to the mystery are three more UFOs, which fly amok in the skies over Onett; how all of these alien craft are connected is anyone's guess. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, this slippery UFO appears on the Fourside level.
  • EarthBound [6/95]



  • Since Onett, New Pork City, and Magicant are banned from tournaments, that means no stage from the EarthBound/Mother universe has regularly been seen in competitive play without Omega Mode.
  • Like the Great Fox stages, the stage's scale is small judging by the layouts like windows, doors and ladders. The size would match if "Tiny Melee" was played.

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