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*[[Ice Climbers (SSBB)|Ice Climbers]]
*[[Ice Climbers (SSBB)|Ice Climbers]]
*[[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]]
*[[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]]
*[[Mr Game & Watch (SSBB)|Mr. Game & Watch]] (Pesticide)
=== Energy ===
=== Energy ===

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Mario's Strong Side, faster than his Forward Smash.

Strong Side, also known as a "Forward Tilt" (or "F-tilt"), is a Strong Attack performed by any character by holding the control stick forward and pressing A while on the ground. This is distinct from a Forward Smash in that the control stick is only tilted, not tapped, when performing this attack. Strong Side attacks generally act as either powerful alternatives to a character's Forward Smash or as quick defensive moves with less lag time than a Smash.

Along with certain Forward Smashes, some Strong Sides can be "angled" up or down to some extent, pointing the hitbox in a diagonal direction instead of totally forward. Most attacks that are angled up are slightly more powerful than if they weren't angled, while some are weaker if angled downwards. Knockback is also affected by angling, with up angles providing more vertical knockback and down angles providing more horizontal knockback. Strong Sides cannot be charged like Smash Attacks.

Characters in Brawl with Strong Sides That Can Be Angled






Characters in Brawl with Strong Sides That Can't Be Angled


  • Peach - Kicks straight up, while she bends back completely.
  • Sheik - Does a spinning kick, great for juggles.
  • Ganondorf - Kicks straight foward. Very much like Captain Falcon's, aside from not being able to be angled and stronger with more horizontal knockbck. Commonly called the "Sparta Kick" of the film "300", where Leonidas, king of Sparta, kicks the Persian into the hole - however, Ganondorf used the kick in Twilight Princess, which came out before the movie.
  • Snake - Darts his knee with fixed knockback in front of him. If another Strong Side is done right after the first one, he'll do a double fist that's stronger than the first one, like Toon Link's Forward Smash. The properties of the first kick can be exploited. Doing that is called Knee Locking. Overall, one of the quickest moves of his arsenal, and is a very powerful kill move at a high percentage.
  • Olimar - Thrusts his body foward in the air with a kick.


  • Pit - Thrusts both of his swords foward.
  • Meta Knight - Swings his sword foward, then can do two more swings into a combo, like a three-hit neutral combo.
  • King Dedede - Spins his hammer in front of him. Notable that it is the longest ranged physical attack in the game.
  • Link - Swings his sword vertically downwards.
  • Toon Link - Same as Link's, but different in that it stalls the opponent, like if hit by a sweet spot.
  • Marth - Does a slashing uppercut. Sometimes mistaken for being able to be angled, due to his up tilt being very similar to his forward tilt. Also very different from Ike's foward tilt.
  • Mr. Game & Watch - Pulls out a chair from Lion in front of him.


  • Ivysaur - Thrusts its body foward a bit and then spins the leaves of its flower. Can hit multiple times.
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