Captain Falcon's forward aerial attack, the Knee Smash.

The forward aerial (abbreviated as "fair", "FAir", "f-air" or "AFA") is an aerial attack that is performed in midair by pressing the A Button, and tilting the control stick in the direction the character is facing. Its official term varies between titles, where it is known as a "Front Midair Attack" in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and a "Front Air Attack" in Brawl. Often have odd, usually useful, properties.

List of forward aerials in SSBB:

Mario: Arcs his arm downward, as his fist enlarges. Can spike if the opponent is near to Mario.

Luigi: Karate chops forward. Very quick, though surprisingly weak in knockback.

Peach: Slaps her crown forward. Often considered her best kill move.

Bowser: Slashes forwards. It looks like his Flying Slam (or Koopa Klaw).

Donkey Kong: Swings both hands down, clasped together. Can spike, but is quite slow.

Diddy Kong: Kicks out both legs and spins around. Similar to Mario's back aerial.

Yoshi: Swings his head downward. Can spike.

Wario: Kicks forward. Weak, but good for racking up damage.

Link: Swings sword forward and spins around, then swings it again. Second hit more powerful than first.

Zelda: Kicks forward with a powerful sweet spot on her foot. This move is often called Lightning Kick.

Sheik: Karate chops forward. Similar in power and knockback to Luigi's karate chop, but much less range.

Ganondorf: Arcs his arm downward, similar to Mario's forward aerial. Stronger and more knockback, but does not spike, and has large landing lag.

Toon Link: Swings sword upward. Similar in animation to his back aerial.

Samus: Creates a few small blasts with her arm cannon, slowly moving them downward.

Zero Suit Samus: Two very fast kicks (annoyingly, the second kick is very powerful but the first very weak; however, the first has just enough knockback to move the opponent away from the second kick, and it is hard to time to only hit with the second kick).

Pit: Stabs both swords forward.

Ice Climbers: Swing hammers downward. Nana's can spike.

R.O.B.: Pushes forward in midair.

Kirby: Three fast foot slices forward. When combined with a jump this gives slight horizontal recovery.

Meta Knight: Three very fast sword slashes. The first or first two hits can be ground cancelled, and from this, Meta Knight can lead in to almost any move.

King Dedede: Swings his hammer upwards.

Captain Olimar: Swings a Pikmin.

Fox: Five fast kicks; gives a slightly hovering effect.

Falco: Like Fox's, but doesn't have the hovering effect and has an animation similar to Sonic and Pikachu's Fairs.

Wolf: Slashes forward. Oddly enough, this has upward knockback.

Captain Falcon: The famous Knee of Justice. Very powerful when sweet spotted, but very hard to sweetspot.

Pikachu: Spins forward surrounded by electricity. Multiple hits available. Similar to Sonic and Falco's fairs.

Squirtle: Sticks feet forward. Very similar to Mario's bair.

Ivysaur: Whips forward with vines. Vertical knockback.

Charizard: Covers himself with his wings and breaths fire outwards.

Lucario: Kicks forward, aura appears at the end of the foot. Low damage, but good for combos. You can fit two in one short hop.

Jigglypuff: Kicks forward with both feet, used for the Wall of Pain.

Marth: Swings sword downward. Can fit two in one short hop.

Ike: Swings sword downward.

Ness: Creates small bubbles of PSI energy for multiple hits.

Lucas: Kicks forward with PSI energy at the end of his foot.

Mr. Game and Watch: Swings a box forward. Powerful, but awful landing lag.

Snake: Swings his leg downward. Slight upward boost, can spike.

Sonic: Spins around, like Pikachu and Falco.

Notable characters' forward aerials

  • Marth's forward aerial, a very quick launcher with a very large hitbox. Both its sweet spot at the tip of Marth's blade and the center of the blade can be used to combo the enemy, sometimes into Marth's deadly tipped forward smash. It should also be noted for its use in the Ken combo.
  • Zelda's forward aerial (As well as her back aerial) is capable of dealing high damage around 20% and high knockback if sweetspotted.
  • Captain Falcon's forward aerial, better known as the knee, is an extremely powerful low-trajectory killer.
  • Sheik's forward aerial is a very quick low-trajectory killer. Said attack is also a Semi-Spike
  • Dr. Mario's and Ganondorf's forward aerial, each of which is sometimes called the "fist", are slow but powerful killers that send the enemy at a relatively high angle.
  • Ness' forward aerial is a great disjointed hitbox attack which lasts more than average. This attack has average range though, strangely, low priority.
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