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Captain Falcon's forward aerial attack, the Knee Smash.

Forward Air Attack(abbreviated as "fair", "FAir", or "AFA", "Forward Aerial", referred in the Brawl manual as "Front air") is an aerial attack that is performed in midair by pressing the A Button, and tilting the control stick in the direction the character is facing. Its official term varies between titles, where it is known as a "Front Midair Attack" in Super Smash Bros. Melee, or a "Front Air Attack" in Brawl.

List of Forward Air Attacks in Super Smash Bros.

  • Pikachu: A very useful combo move. Combos into Up smash and all aerials
  • Yoshi: A useful edgeguarding move and both a combo starter and a combo ender. Combos into his Down Special Move on the ground.
  • Samus: A useful combo move. High damage and good at breaking down shields. Combos into down aerial.
  • Donkey Kong: A good spike move for edgeguarding. Combos into giant punch and into another Forward aerial at middle to high percents. Most known for its ability to be used vs shields into a dash grab or down B.
  • Link: Link's strongest aerial in terms of knockback. His main combo ender outside of Up special move and Forward smash.
  • Luigi: Good edgeguarding tool. Good range compared to Luigi's other aerials. Combos into the Hyrule tent into an Up aerial.
  • Mario: Good vs certain chars like Jigglypuff. good range
  • Kirby: A very useful combo move. Down Air Attack, Up tilt, and Short hop is one of Kirby's staple combos.
  • Jigglypuff: Good range but low priority. Can Wall of pain similar to melee but to less of an extent. Combos into a rest.
  • Fox: Another good aerial move of Fox's Combos into up smash and virtually all of his aerials. Good approaching and baiting tactics
  • Captain Falcon: Falcon's Neutral Air Attack. First hit of hit combos into Up Smash Attack. 2nd hit has enough shield stun to forward throw out of it.

List of Forward Air Attacks in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Notable Forward Air Attacks in Melee

  • Marth's Forward Air Attack, a very quick launcher with a very large hitbox. Both its sweet spot at the tip of Marth's blade and the center of the blade can be used to combo the enemy, sometimes into Marth's deadly tipped forward smash. It should also be noted for its use in the Ken combo.
  • Zelda's forward aerial, like her back aerial, can inflict high damage and knockback if sweet-spotted.
  • Captain Falcon's forward aerial, better known as the knee, is an extremely powerful low-trajectory killer.
  • Sheik's forward aerial is a very quick low-trajectory killer and semi-Spike
  • Dr. Mario's and Ganondorf's forward aerial, each of which is sometimes called the "fist", are slow but powerful killers that send the enemy at a high angle.
  • Ice Climbers' forward aerial is a meteor smash if Nana's attack hits.
  • Mewtwo's forward aerial has high vertical knockback, is his most used aerial, and has combo potential at lower percents.

List of Forward Air Attacks in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Mario: Arcs his arm downward as his fist enlarges. Can be a Meteor Smash if the opponent is near to Mario.
  • Luigi: Karate chops forward. Quick though weak.
  • Peach: Slaps her crown forward. Often considered her best kill move.
  • Bowser: Slashes forwards. It looks like his Flying Slam (or Koopa Klaw).
  • Donkey Kong: Swings both hands down, clasped together. A very powerful but slow move that can spike.
  • Diddy Kong: Kicks out both legs and spins around. Similar to Mario's back aerial.
  • Yoshi: Swings his head downward. Can spike.
  • Wario: Kicks forward. Has below average knockback, but great priority and lasts a very long time, good for Wall of Pain.
  • Link: Swings sword forward and spins around, then swings it again. Its second hit is more powerful.
  • Zelda: Kicks forward with a powerful sweet spot on her foot. This move is often called Lightning Kick.
  • Sheik: Karate chops forward. Similar in power and knockback to Luigi's karate chop but with less range.
  • Ganondorf: Punches his fist downward, similar to Mario's forward aerial. Stronger and higher in knockback but does not spike and has a large landing lag. Also ties with Bowser's down aerial as the aerial attack with the longest duration.
  • Toon Link: Swings sword upward. Similar in animation to his back aerial, but a bit slower, though it is a much better finisher with high priority and knockback.
  • Samus: Creates a few small blasts with her arm cannon, slowly moving them downward. Has no landing lag.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Two very fast kicks. The first kick is weaker but this move is so finicky that the first kick almost never combos into the following hit.
  • Pit: Stabs both swords forward. Has a bit of start-up lag.
  • Ice Climbers: Swing hammers downward. Nana's can spike.
  • R.O.B.: Pushes its hands forward in midair. Good for the Wall of Pain
  • Kirby: Three fast foot slices forward. When combined with a jump this gives slight horizontal recovery.
  • Meta Knight: Three very fast sword slashes. The first two hits can be ground-canceled, and from this, Meta Knight can lead in to almost any move.
  • King Dedede: Swings his hammer upwards.
  • Captain Olimar: Swings a Pikmin.
  • Fox: Five fast kicks; gives a slight hovering effect.
  • Falco: Barrel rolls with his body horizontal, hitting five times with his head/beak. Has high landing lag.
  • Wolf: Slashes forward. Has upward knockback and is one of his KO moves.
  • Captain Falcon: The famous Knee of Justice. Very powerful when sweet spotted, which is far from easy.

    Another shot of Captain Falcon's Knee Smash.

  • Pikachu: Spins forward surrounded by electricity. Multiple hits available. Similar to Sonic and Falco's fairs.
  • Squirtle: Sticks feet forward. Similar to Mario's Bair.
  • Ivysaur: Whips forward with vines. Vertical knockback.
  • Charizard: Covers himself with his wings and breaths fire outwards with good horizontal knockback and range, making it good for the Wall of Pain. Oddly, if the opponent is far enough away from Charizard, they will not take any knockback or hitstun from this attack - just damage.
  • Lucario: Kicks forward; aura appears at the end of the foot. Inflicts little damage but can combo. It can be used twice in one short hop.
  • Jigglypuff: Kicks forward with both feet. Used for the Wall of Pain.
  • Marth: Swings sword downward. Can fit two in one short hop.
  • Ike: Swings sword downward. Has great range, but is a slow move like most of his moves.
  • Ness: Creates small bubbles of PSI energy for multiple hits. Good for combos.
  • Lucas: Kicks forward with PSI energy at the end of his foot.
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Swings a box forward. Powerful if hits when it comes out, but has high landing lag. If hit after it comes out, it deals a weak hit.
  • Snake: Brings his leg upward, then ax-kicks. Slight upward boost, the foot spikes very powerfully, the leg sends the opponent upwards with slight horizontal knockback as well.
  • Sonic: Spins around very quickly.

List of Forward Air Attacks in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

  • Mario: An arcing, downwards punch; meteor smashes in the middle of the attack.
  • Luigi: A quick hand chop forwards.
  • Peach: Takes off her crown and swings it forwards before replacing it on her head.
  • Bowser: Slashes his claws through the air.
  • Rosalina and Luma: Kicks forwards as a galaxy appears at her feet.
  • Bowser Jr.: Swings forwards a heavyweight ball.
  • Donkey Kong: Clobbers downwards with both fists.
  • Diddy Kong: Kicks forwards with both feet.
  • Yoshi: Slams his head in a downwards arc.
  • Wario: Kicks forwards with one foot.
  • Dr. Mario: An arcing, downwards punch; meteor smashes in the middle of the attack.
  • Link: Slashes his sword twice.
  • Zelda: Kicks forwards with magic at the tip of her foot; commonly known as the Lightning Kick.
  • Sheik: Swipes forth with both arms.
  • Ganondorf: Powerfully punches forwards with one fist in a downwards arc; known to fans as the Skull Crusher.
  • Toon Link: Swipes his sword twice.
  • Samus: Blasts forwards multiple flaming explosions.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Kicks twice.
  • Pit: Spins his bow around to slash with the blades.
  • Palutena: Kicks forth with one foot.
  • Dark Pit: Spins his bow around to slash with the blades.
  • R.O.B.: Hits forwards with both arms.
  • Kirby: Kicks forwards twice.
  • Meta Knight: Slashes his sword multiple times.
  • King Dedede: Swings his hammer forwards in a downwards arc.
  • Captain Olimar: Swipes a Pikmin forth through the air.
  • Fox: Kicks five times as he spins around.
  • Falco: Spins forth and hits with his whole body; looks similarly to how the Barrel Roll is performed in the Star Fox games.
  • Captain Falcon: Powerfully jabs forwards with his knee; when sweet-spotted it is a powerful attack that has high launch and damage and an electric effect; known among fans 'Knee of Justice'.
  • Pikachu: Spins forwards with electricity surrounding its body.
  • Charizard: Slashes forth with its claws.
  • Greninja: Swipes forth a blade of water.
  • Lucario: Kicks forwards with one foot.
  • Jigglypuff: Kicks forwards with both feet.
  • Mewtwo: Swipes with one hand, dark energy trailing behind it.
  • Marth: Slashes his sword through the air.
  • Ike: Wildly swings his sword in a downwards arc.
  • Lucina: Slashes her sword through the air.
  • Robin: Does an under-handed sword strike; Levin version is quite powerful.
  • Roy: Slashes his sword through the air.
  • Ness: Thrusts both hands forth as PSI-energy blasts out of them.
  • Lucas: Kicks forwards with PSI-energy coming from his foot.
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Hits forwards with a key card.
  • Little Mac: Wildly swings one fist forwards; very weak.
  • Duck Hunt: The duck pecks forwards with its beak.
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Jabs forth with one arm at an upwards angle and one wards angle behind her; both of them deal damage but have different angles of launch,
  • Villager: Fires a pebble from a slingshot; has great range.
  • Shulk: Slashes the Monado forth with its beam activated.
  • Sonic: Spins forwards, hitting with his whole body.
  • Mega Man: Slashes Flame Sword forwards.
  • Pac-Man: Kicks forth with one leg.
  • Ryu: Kicks forwards with one foot.
  • Cloud: Powerfully slams in a downwards arc with his sword; meteor smashes in the midpoint of the attack; Cloud's Braver or Brave Slash from Final Fantasy VII.