Flying Man

Flying Men are characters in the Mother series. They live together in a small house that Ninten and Ness can visit in Magicant both in Mother and EarthBound, respectively. If a Flying Man is spoken to, he will join Ninten or Ness until he is knocked unconscious. Once a Flying Man has been defeated, he cannot be revived and will be buried at his home. There are five in all, but only one can join Ninten or Ness at a time.

In EarthBound, the Flying Men introduce themselves to Ness as his 'Courage'. This is keeping in line with the fundamental nature of Magicant, which is a manifestation of its visitor's unconscious mind. In addition to their appearances, they can deal and sustain a moderate-to-high damage from enemies.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U


Flying Men appear as hazards in the Magicant stage. Like they do in the original game, only 5 Flying Men appear in the stage, and if someone touches one, he will help them in the battle, similar to a Assist Trophy. They also appear in Smash Tour in a similar fashion.

Flying Man costume

There is also a downloadable costume for Mii Brawlers based on the Flying Man.

Trophy Description



The Flying Men are a team of five birdmen. Each time a Flying Man appears, he'll help the first person to reach him with Flying Cross Chops and Somersault Kicks. A small memorial stone will be erected for each one defeated. Once all five are gone, they're done fighting forever until the next battle.

Wii U

The Flying Men from EarthBound are five kind brothers with a cruel fate. They live together in a house on the outskirts of Magicant. The brothers gladly join Ness on his journey, but if they fall in battle, they return home to be buried. In Smash Tour, they'll ally themselves with the first player to touch the,

  • SNES - EarthBound (06/1995)
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