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Fly (そらをとぶ Sora o Tobu?) is Charizard's Up Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Charizard rises up while surrounded in flames, setting anyone that makes contact with it on fire.


The ending hitbox has somewhat forceful knockback, which can make this move good for juggling. Frames 4-13 of this attack provide Launch resistance. This can be most easily shown by performing this move next to a Smart Bomb: Charizard will take all damage he would normally, but will not be knocked back.

Custom Variations

Rising Cyclone

Rising Cyclone is Charizard's Up Special Move that can be used via customizations. Charizard flies upward, but its recovery distance is minimal. However, if it makes contact with the enemy, Charizard grabs them briefly, damaging them multiple times before a final hit at the apex of the move, which will knock the opponents back.

Fly High

Fly High is Charizard's Up Special Move that can be used via customizations. The move is the same as the default Fly, however, it covers a high distance and does no damage.

Charizard's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Flamethrower
Side Special Rock Smash Flare Blitz
Up Special Fly
Down Special (Pokémon Change) Rock Smash (Pokémon Change)
Final Smash Fire Blast (of Triple Finish) Mega Evolution Fire Blast (of Triple Finish)

Charizard's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Fire Fang Fireball Cannon
Side Special Blast Burn Dragon Rush
Up Special Rising Cyclone Fly High
Down Special Sinking Skull Rock Hurl


Fly is a two-turn move that is tied to HM02 in the Pokémon games since the beginning. It has a Base Power of 90 (originally having a BP of 70 until Generation IV onwards), an accuracy of 95, and it is a Flying-typed attack. While using Fly typically protects the user on the first turn and prior to attacking if the Pokemon in question isn't the fastest, there are ways to circumvent Fly's protection, from moves (i.e., Sky Uppercut and Thunder) to abilities like No Guard (as No Guard forces all attacks on both sides to hit).

Outside of combat, it is used to visit sites previously visited.

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