A buried Nana with a flower condition in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Flower is a special condition that forms a flower on a character's head. Some items, like Lip's Stick, can put a flower on the foe's head. The flower will continuously do damage (1% about two or three times a second), much like a poison effect in a Role Playing Game (RPG). The bigger the flower is, the faster it deals damage, and the longer it takes to get it to fall off. The flower can be manually removed by rapidly running back and forth. Members of an enemy team (such as the Wireframes or Alloys) are immune to flowering. In some instances in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there will be a glitch where the flower will appear on a characters head during pause mode, and when unpaused it will disappear.

Causes of Flowering

  • Lip's Stick - the most common item that causes flowering. When this item is used on an opposing character, a small flower will form on that player's head. The flower will grow in size if the character with the Lip's Stick continuously hits the other character who has the flower on their head.
  • Togepi's Leech Seed - one of the moves Togepi can perform with its Metronome move is Leech Seed. When Togepi uses Leech Seed, a flower will form on all the opponents' heads in that attack's radius.
  • Crazy Hand has an attack in which he grabs the player and punishes them under a heavy grip. When the player is released, a flower is present on their head.
  • Flowering is one of the many negative effects that can affect fighters trapped in Luigi's Final Smash.
  • In Brawl, Jigglypuff's Rest attack plants a flower on the target's head, in addition to doing damage.
  • A condition can be set in Special Brawl for all fighters to have permanent flowers.
  • Luigi (SSBB)'s Final Smash, in which he dances around and an aura forms around him. One of the possible status ailments, such as sleeping, is Flower.
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