The Flipper is a projectile item in Super Smash Bros. Melee, originating from the NES game Balloon Fight. After it travels a certain distance, it stops in mid-air. When hit, it spins either slowly or quickly (depending on either the speed knockback when contacted, or the strength of the attack), blocking passage and causing light (though generally repeated) damage when touched. Aside from causing general havoc in a fray, they can also be placed strategically at integral locations, such as ledges or against walls. This will prevent opponents from recovering, or not allow them to pass through certain points. The downfalls of this item are that can be avoided with relative ease and has a relatively short duration on the field.

When used on moving stages (such as Big Blue, Rainbow Cruise, Poké Floats, etc.), the Flipper will continue move with the background instead of remaining stationary. This most apparent on Big Blue, where the Flipper hangs still for a split-second, then races off screen as the Falcon Flyer and racers speed away from it.

The Flipper seems to have replaced the Bumper from the original Super Smash Bros., as their usages and effects are quite similar, and due to the Flipper's absence and the Bumper's reappearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Flipper has also been confirmed to not return as a usable item in Super Smash Bros. (Wii U and 3DS), however it does return as a stage hazard in the Balloon Fight (stage).

Trophy Description

The Flipper Trophy

Made famous as an unpredictable obstacle in Balloon Fight, the Flipper stops and hangs in midair when thrown. Any character who comes in contact with the bumper-balls on its ends will be knocked away as the Flipper spins wildly. Flippers can be a bit irksome: in Balloon Fight, they caused accidents to friends and foes alike.



Each hit 1%
Throw 9% - 11%
U-Tilt Throw 10% - 12%
D-Tilt Throw 13%
Dash Throw 7% - 13%
F-Smash Throw 13% - 14%
U-Smash Throw 13% - 15%
D-Smash Throw 15%
Air Throw 11%
Air U-Tilt Throw 11% - 12%
Air D-Tilt Throw 8% - 13%
Air F-Smash Throw 6% - 11%
Air U-Smash Throw 7% - 12%
Air D-Smash Throw 11% - 13%
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