Flip Jump is Zero Suit Samus's Down Special Move. Zero Suit Samus flashes as she does a flip and an arching jump through the air.


Flip Jump functions as a third jump, but does not put Zero Suit Samus into helpless, allowing her to use other moves or forms of recovery. In addition, this move provides a short time of invincibility for Zero Suit Samus during the initial rise. She cannot perform the Flip Jump again until she lands, even if she is hit before returning to the stage.

If Zero Suit Samus hits a wall while performing the Flip Jump, she will automatically perform a Wall Jump. This does not count as the Wall Jump Zero Suit Samus can perform without landing. She will automatically do up to four wall jumps if she continues to contact them soon enough, mostly in custom stages.

After using Flip Jump, in the air, Zero Suit Samus cannot land on a fall-through platform until the move has completely finished (i.e. she is level in height with when she started), instead she will fall through it. While this can be used as a way to attack someone hiding underneath/behind one, in the case of recovery it can be very bad if the platform in question is the only one she might have recovered to.

If the player inputs any attack button while Zero Suit Samus is flashing, she will stick out her foot at a 45 degree angle, performing a kick. Anyone hit by the initial extension of this kick will be sent downwards in a moderate-power Meteor Smash, with any later impact giving moderate knockback. This makes for one of her few KO moves. She can also perform her aerials when just past the 180 degree mark.

If the player attempts to Footstool Jump while Zero Suit Samus is flashing, she will do a special spinning jump that goes about half the height of her double jump. This also works on items, not just characters.

Zero Suit Samus will normally jump up and forwards in the direction she is facing, and then land facing the other way. However, if the opposite direction is tapped as soon as the move is used, she will flip backwards. This is effective for playing mind games, as opponents cannot predict the strike.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, if the move connects to an opponent at the end of Flip Jumps arc, Zero Suit Samus will perform two moves without any input: she will bury the opponent if they are grounded, and Meteor Smash them if airborne, greatly increasing its edgeguarding potential but requiring more precision to land. The trajectory of Flip Jump can also be altered by tilting the control stick sideways, making it possible to extend or shorten the distance Zero Suit Samus covers, making it easier to land the inputted kick or connecting the flip.

Flip Jump can be used as a horizontal recovery move, though Plasma Wire is more useful in this respect. In addition, because of its invincibility frames, it can be used as a defensive move for evading attacks, with the inputted kick being used as a counterattack. Flip Jump can also be used offensively by jumping over opponents and attacking them from behind, or altering the trajectory or direction of the move to make it difficult to pin down Zero Suit Samus. Combining these traits makes Flip Jump a risky but useful edgeguard against fighters with poor recoveries.

Zero Suit Samus's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Paralyzer
Side Special Plasma Whip
Up Special Plasma Wire Boost Kick
Down Special Flip Jump
Final Smash Power Suit Samus Gunship Zero Laser


Shooting Star Flip Kick

Shooting Star Flip Kick: The flip itself doesn't attack, but press the button again to do a descending kick.


  • Flip covers more height
  • Kick attack covers great horizontal distance
  • Kick can be directed left or right
  • Evasive maneuver/retreat option
  • Approach option
  • Kill move
  • Good damage
  • Fast execution


  • No meteor
  • Flip doesn't attack
  • Flip covers less distance
  • Landing lag

The Shooting Star Flip Kick custom variation works more similarly to the Mii Brawler's Feint Jump. Zero Suit Samus does a flip and upon the button being pressed again kicks at a gradual downwards angle. The flip doesn't cover as much distance as the default, instead covering more height. This isn't as big of a problem when it is taken into account that the kick can be directed left or right and covers a great horizontal distance on its own, making the move good for recovery. The kick deals good damage and is fast; since it covers such a great distance it can be used to approach or retreat from an opponent, the only issue being that the move does have some landing lag which can make it easy to punish if it misses or if the opponent is fast enough. The kick is a kill move, killing most characters around 100%. The flip itself does not attack, unlike the default, and so will not meteor smash opponents or bury them in the ground.

Low Flip

Low Flip does a flip that doesn't go very high but quickly covers a lot of ground.


  • Great horizontal distance
  • Combo finisher
  • Edge tool


  • Poor for vertical recovery
  • Less damage
  • Very poor for killing

The Low Flip covers little vertical height that makes it poor for more vertical recoveries but covers a great horizontal range that makes it useful for horizontal recovery and for closing the gap between an opponent quickly. Due to its horizontal distance it can combo out of forward and back throw as a combo finisher, though it deals less damage than the default variation as well as being extremely poor for killing opponents. The move is a useful tool on the edge though, allowing for many options so long as it is spaced correctly. When recovering it can get behind an edge-guarding opponent and launch them off the stage with the kick. If spaced on the edge correctly the kick can be used to guard the edge or stage spike an opponent; if spaced a bit farther, Zero Suit Samus can hit an opponent using a regular ledge get-up with the flip attack, burying them; Zero Suit Samus will slide off the edge and then grab it if she lands close enough to the edge which can be useful for edge-trumps.

Zero Suit Samus's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Blast Shot Electromagnetic Net
Side Special Plasma Dash Whip Lash
Up Special Impact Kick Lateral Kick
Down Special Shooting Star Flip Kick Low Flip


On any stage with a 45° slope (the best being Yoshi's Island), if the Flip Jump is used while facing the slope, Zero Suit Samus will not perform the move, but make the sound, and the initial flash, and move a little up the slope. This can be done repetitively to make for an odd looking way to walk up the slope, but has no combat value, except to possibly confuse an opponent that doesn't know about it.


  • In Brawl, Flip Jump is Zero Suit Samus' only special move that does not start with "P".
    • It is also one of two special moves that does not use her Paralyzer in any way, the other being Power Suit Samus.
  • In The Subspace Emissary, if Zero Suit Samus performs this move while holding a key, she be able to freely perform a footstool jump.