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|hometo = [[Mr. Game & Watch (SSBB)|Mr. Game & Watch]]
|hometo = [[Mr. Game & Watch (SSBB)|Mr. Game & Watch]]
|availability = [[Unlockable stage|Unlockable]]
|availability = [[Unlockable stage|Unlockable]]
|cratetype = Presents
|brawlsingles = Banned
|brawlsingles = Banned
|brawldoubles = Banned
|brawldoubles = Banned

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Flat Zone 2 is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is the second Game & Watch stage in the Super Smash Bros. series, the first being Flat Zone in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Likewise, it is set on a standard Widescreen Game & Watch titled "Super Smash Bros." Unlike Flat Zone, however, this stage shifts between different Game and Watch scenarios, making it somewhat livelier than the original Flat Zone.

This stage is unlocked by unlocking Mr. Game & Watch, exactly like Flat Zone in Melee.

Game Origins

  • Fire (1981 version): People jump out of a burning building as firemen with a trampoline attempt to catch them. The levels of the building can be stood on, and the trampoline that the firemen use can be bounced off of like a spring. When the firefighters aren't present, the randomly moving platforms from Manhole appear, similar to those in SSBM's Flat Zone. The treasure diver from Octopus sometimes appears, collecting items lying on the ground. This scenario is the main area of the stage - the match always begins here and the other games have to revert back to Fire before the stage can change again.
  • Oil Panic's bottom screen (1982): A multi-tiered gas station building can be stood on. Customers standing below attack if touched by players.
  • Lion (1981): The center of the stage is a three leveled cage. Two Lion Tamers holding chairs flank either side, moving up and down. If you get hit by a chair, you'll take massive damage and knockback, often right into the Lion Tamer at the other side of the cage and taking even more damage due to the direction of where the characters are knocked at.
  • Chef (1981): Two sets of platforms hover in midair, while falling food items can damage players. If the chef is hit with a strong enough attack, he will fly off screen and the game will return to Fire.

Different alarm elements signify that the stage is about to change.

    • Fire: A fireman appears in the top right ringing a bell.
    • Oil Panic: A policeman appears in the top right ringing a bell.
    • Lion: A cat in the top left corner rings a bell.
    • Chef: A kettle appears to the left boiling to steaming point. The steam is in the shape of a bell.

Songs in My Music

  • Flat Zone 2
  • Chill (Dr. Mario)
  • Flat Zone (Melee)

Song in bold must be unlocked


  • Although having no significant effect to gameplay whatsoever, it is worth noting that on this stage, all characters are two-dimensional. Strangely enough, certain effects are still three-dimensional; if you pause and change the camera angle, you will notice them sticking out of the Game & Watch LCD screen. Hanenbow is similarly 2-D.
  • Characters make small beeps when walking and dashing, a lot like Game & Watch systems emit beeping noises as objects move in their games.
  • Flat Zone 2 and Mario Bros. are the only "fixed camera" stages in the game.
  • Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2 are the only stages in the Super Smash Bros. series to be based on an actual system.
  • The firefighters with the stretcher are actually playing the game Fire with the G&W people in the background. However, three misses will not give a game over in this case.
  • Lion is generally considered to be the odd one out. It is the only Game & Watch game that is not part of Mr. Game & Watch's Special Moves. As well as that, it is the only game that did not use the "Left - Right" button configuration that is on the Flat Zone 2 system.
  • In English, the top of the Game and Watch says, "Super Smash Bros." In the Japanese version, it says "Smash Brothers."

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