the Flame Chomp

Flame Chomps alongside a Polar Bear.

Flame Chomps, also called Fire Chomps, are enemies from the Mario universe. They appear as common enemies in Smash Run. Flame Chomps are different from the Chain Chomps, since the Flame Chomps can float around and have a trail of four fireballs instead of a chain. They shoot the fireballs at characters, and if they run out of fireballs, they'll explode, giving high damage.

Trophy Description

If you thought Chain Chomps were bad, wait till you meet Flame Chomps. They use the flames that make up their tail as ammo, and when they run out, they head straight for you and self-destruct. When you defeat one, it'll explode and take out any enemies nearby, and it'll leave a whole load of stat boosts behind, too.

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