Fishing Rod is Isabelle's Side Special. It acts as both a grab and type of tether for recovery, however it is not a command grab as opponents can shield it.


Isabelle will cast the fishing line forward and anyone caught in the line is reeled back in by Isabelle where she can throw the opponent forward, backward, or upwards. If Isabelle does not hook an opponent, she can leave the casted lure out until the special button is pressed again where she will retract it back to her. Any opponent standing between the lure and the rod will also be reeled back to Isabelle. The lure can also dangle off-stage and still catch opponents. It can also be used to pick up most items from far away.

Tossing opponents in the opposite direction Isabelle is facing will launch opponents at an upwards diagonal angle.

Isabelle's Special Moves
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Fishing Rod
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Lloid Trap
Final Smash Dream Town Hall


In the Animal Crossing games, the player can purchase a fishing rod when it appears in stock in the town square. After buying one, the player can equip it and use it to catch fish. In New Leaf, when traveling to the island, a gyroid will provide the player a rental fishing rod to catch whatever fish is there. New fish that are caught are put into the player's encyclopedia. Fish in the player's inventory can also be displayed in their house.