Fire Primids (ファイアプリム, Fire Prim in Japan) are red Primids who can breathe fire. Not only are they red while other primids are green, instead of punching, they shoot fire from their mouths. This comes in two different attacks, either a small fire ball or a charged up stream of fire. They do however have a melee attack in jumping, though often it is used simply as transport. The fireball attack goes farther on higher difficulties and can be reflected; however Fire Primids are almost immune to fire damage, so it won't do much (although they'll still be knocked back). The fire stream attack cannot be reflected, and the Fire Primid's body does damage if hit from behind during the move.

Trophy description

The Fire Primid Trophy

A specialized, fire-breathing Primid with two flamethrowing attacks. Primids with weapons are just normal, armed Primids, but Fire Primids are a whole new species with a whole new color. Although no more special than the others, they may feel slightly more superior with their red-hot color. Dealing with these guys in a group can be especially tricky.