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Fire is Mr. Game & Watch's Up Special Move. Mr. Game & Watch uses this as his Recovery. When used, two firefighters holding a fire rug will pop out, allowing him to jump higher.


He will damage whatever he hits on the way up, but not on the way down. In Melee, Mr. Game & Watch becomes helpless at the end of the attack.

In Brawl, the firefighters have a slight push effect around them. Mr. Game & Watch, like other characters, can automatically grab a ledge in the middle of using this move. If he does not grab a ledge, he deploys his parachute to slow his descent on the way down. The parachute can be deactivated by using an Aerial Attack, and an attack like Mr. Game & Watch's modified Down Aerial will pull him downwards at very high speed, giving Mr. Game & Watch the unique option of slowly floating to safety, or descending upon enemies at a very rapid pace, although this puts him in helpless state. After canceling his parachute with an aerial attack, Mr. Game & Watch cannot use this move again until he touches the ground, otherwise this would give him a potentially infinite recovery. If CPU Mr. Game & Watch use this attack and doesn't land on the platform or some ledges that can't be grabbed, he will almost always only spam his Judge until he gets KO'd or lands on another platform.

Mr. Game & Watch's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Chef
Side Special Judge
Up Special Fire
Down Special Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus

Custom Variations

Heavy Trampoline

Heavy Trampoline is one of Mr. Game & Watch's Up Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Mr. Game & Watch will not go very high, but the move gives more damage. In the start of the move, there is a sweet spot. The sweetspot does higher, more diagonal knockback than the default version.


  • More damage
  • Excellent KO option
  • Combos out of down throw


  • Less horizontal movement while the move is being used
  • Less vertical distance

Heavy Trampoline is an excellent move for dealing some good damage on an opponent and securing kills. The trampoline hitbox launches opponents diagonally upwards, while the parachute opening hitbox launches vertically. The move combos out of down throw at lower percentages and into most of Game and Watch's aerials. Heavy Trampoline KOs at around 120% on most characters. Unfortunately, it does sacrifice recovery for this damage and KO power. It covers severely less vertical distance and has less horizontal influence as Mr. Game and Watch is launched upwards by the move.

Trampoline Launch

Trampoline Launch is one of Mr. Game & Watch's Up Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Mr. Game & Watch can't use the parachute, similar to the Fire in Melee, but he will not be in a helpless state. In the fall, it's possible to perform air attacks quicker than the default, making it useful for combos, it also has a lot of knockback on startup.


  • Greater vertical distance
  • Very fast
  • Deals lots of knockback on start-up
  • Can perform air attacks quicker than the default move


  • No parachute to slow descent
  • Deals less damage
  • Less horizontal distance while descending

Trampoline Launch is for players that want a greater recovery from Mr. Game and Watch. The move launches him much higher and with a good amount of speed as well. However, it deals less damage to opponents it hits and the parachute doesn't open at the end. For this reason, Mr. Game and Watch has less horizontal influence over his descent and less options for landing.

Mr. Game & Watch's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special XXL Chef Short-Order Chef
Side Special Extreme Judge Chain Judge
Up Special Heavy Trampoline Trampoline Launch
Down Special Efficient Panic Panic Overload


Fire was a Game & Watch game, where one would take the role of two firefighters trying to save people from a burning building. Various people jumped out of various floors and at various speeds, and it was the players job to make sure that they used their fire rug to bounce the people into the awaiting Ambulance at the other side of the screen.

The parachute property introduced in Brawl as part of the move (which was used in Melee as his Neutral Aerial Attack) comes from a game called Parachute, where a person in a rowing boat tried to catch skydiving paratroopers from a helicopter, whilst making sure they did not fall into the sea below.

Trophy Description


Many fans of modern handheld games will fondly remember the classic Game & Watch games they played years ago, like the intense challenge of Fire. Save people from a burning building using a trampoline, bouncing them to the waiting ambulance and safety.