Finishing Touch (画竜点睛, Garyō Tensei) is Cloud's Down Special Move when Limit Break is active. Cloud spins around and creates a green vortex around his body.


Finishing Touch deals only 1% damage, but has extremely high knockback scaling. It is capable of effectively KOing opponents as early as 60% even without Rage; however, it is not very powerful against opponents with low percentages due to the very low base knockback. The attack itself is a very close range spin attack that also has windboxes that pushes enemies that are not close enough. During the attack, Cloud has very few invincibility frames, and if the hit connects the camera will zoom in, similar to Little Mac's KO Punch. Finishing Touch can also connect with opponents behind Cloud, though it KO's as early as 70%. Due to the attack's extreme knockback scaling, weight tends to be ignored for determining survivability, with Falling speed being used instead. Fox McCloud is the most able to survive, dying at around 74%, unless Shulk activates the Shield Monado Art power, in which case he can survive at a higher percent than Fox can, dying at 123%. It is a poor move in stamina matches.

After use, Cloud will have to recharge the Limit Gauge in order to use it again.


Finishing Touch first appeared in Final Fantasy VII as Cloud's second LEVEL 3 Limit Break, learned after using Meteorain six times. It inflicts instant death to all enemies, and for enemies immune to instant death, it will inflict damage equal to 3.125 times normal damage. Unlike in Smash Bros., the move actually is a projectile, with Cloud launching a tornado towards enemies and pulling them upwards; Finishing Touch in Smash Bros. is more akin to its incarnation in Dissidia Final Fantasy, where it is a melee-based spinning attack, though Cloud slowly rises in the air while using it.

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